Hmmmm…what’s been going with me? Nothing too spectacular…

1. I’ve noticed more people paying attention to my hair…when K and I are on the train together he will point out when people are just staring at the back of my head. Lol. And the thing I LOVE the most are when people with traditional or organic locks compliment my hair. I guess my hair is so thick and I freestyle all the time maybe they don’t scrutinize it enough to know the difference or it isn’t that important. The guy I dated with traditionals…I didn’t go into the Sisterlocks spiel and he didn’t ask…he just accepted that I had locks…

Random compliments from people in the street are always welcome…

2. I joined Weight Watchers. Its going pretty well so far. I am documenting about that and my personal training on my other* blog

*WARNING: That blog is in regular Cluizel speak…
3. This background check is taking FOR-EV-ER! Damn…

4. I love my Sisterlocks…but sometimes I wish they were bigger. I made the decision to lock using the Sisterlock method over like 3 days, but before I found Sisterlocks I was growing my hair out to get traditionals. No regrets…and I am not combining my locks or anything like that…but sometimes I wonder how traditionals would have turned out. But I can say now, more than 8 months later, there are benefits to Sisterlocks besides size…and that’s why I did it.
5. My hair is growing! Its long enough for a pineapple…not a ponytail…it might be long enough to style…yeah…but I don’t wanna! 🙂 And my hair is WAY thicker than I bargained for! Goodness! Everyone who sees me is so shocked when I tell them I have only been locked for 8 months…
6. I’ve been laying low recently on weekends. Not only do I quasi-hibernate in the winter (who wants to stand in lines in snow?!?)…dogs are expensive their first year!!! BLAH! lol.
7. I am going to go see The Roots and Lupe Fiasco Monday! SCORE! 🙂
8. Shine Stealer is good! I FINALLY got her to join Curves! She refuses to workout with men around so my gym was out of the question. Lol. I just wanted her to get out and do something after work. And a little physical activity never hurt anyone. 🙂
9. I was contemplating a 4th tattoo but I have decided I am done. I have proven my point…lol

Hmmm…yeah, that’s it! My next retightening isn’t until early April…and I have no intention of retightening on my own until at least 1 year…I know they say six months, but I want to be fully locked before I am let loose on my 500+ locks…if at all…


9 thoughts on “Update

  1. ayankha says:

    Your hair is looking good! Also, Mr. NP is so photogenic. Tell that “divo” (lol) to get his shine on!!!!

  2. Bygbaby says:

    I like when people compliment me on having clean looking locks because it gives me a reason to verbally attack a stranger.Have fun @ the concert, sounds like it will be a good night out.I have had my Brother Locks for 3 years not & I could never imagine doing mu own retightenings. My hair is too thing & I have too many locks so I d not mind giving my $125 away every other month.

  3. Goodnapps says:

    Enjoy all the Sisterlock perks that suit your fancy. Your locks are coming along just great.

  4. Cluizel says:

    Ayanakha – Lol. Thanks! He fronts liek he doesn’t like the camera but he really is a gamBygbaby – Yeah…I might be in that group that doesn’t retighten my own hair…I just hate doing my own hair. Oh I will! I LOVE The RootsGoodnapps – Thanks! I love that I don’t have to put any product in my hair or I don’t have to twist anything everytime I wash it and I love that I can wash it. I think I will like how small they are once it grows…right now I look like a mop, so its not my favorite part right now. 🙂

  5. sunsail says:

    Ooooh, pretty pretty!!!Pineapple length already!!! Way to grow!!

  6. My loc-inspiration,I would have never thought you would be going through tribulations with your SLs. Had I researched TLs more than I did SLs, I would probably have them now. I have had hints of regret about my SL size specifically. The end result was me combining them in which I am still in the process.Your SLs have grown very fast. I remember you just BCing your relaxed ends not long ago…… Keep you head ^^up. I hope that my locs will look as great as yours at 8 mos………………………

  7. Brenda says:

    Good for you! Let’s see that pineapple!

  8. CloudNine says:

    It is great to see the various stages of your hair…I can believe your at 8 months with as much growth as you have!

  9. Creyole says:

    I hear ya on the number of locks thing and I’m so happy with my 300 locks! A couple of mine were too thick and I had to split which brought me up to 300.Your hair is coming along well.Again, you crack me up!!!

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