I’m in love!

(Insert squeal here) I got my order of Quench Essentials from BygBaby (aka. Tafari) and I am in love! Since I am a NYC girl I usually swear by my pure shea butter that I buy in Harlem…but I really love the light feel of the body moose. I am not a huge fragrance person so I have the “naked” Body Moose…and I use it everyday now…I just put it on right after I shower (tmi?) and I love that I never feel all extra gooey…(you know that feeling some moisuturizer gives you…like an extra layer of skin…illl) Oh no…I sound like a commercial. lol.

Now you know Nicolay is living in a AA household…sorry puppy…you don’t get ashy!

Thanks Tafari!


3 thoughts on “I’m in love!

  1. Bygbaby says:

    So I have to ask based on Mr. Nicolay Phonte if you are a Foreign Exchange Fan (http://www.theforeignexchangemusic.com/). Their album is the bomb!!!I am happy that you like the Body Mousse & Baby, please stay off 125th buying that Shea Butter LOL!!! Me & My wife visit NYC every & Hang out in Manhattan & Brooklyn. Last year we finally made it to Harlem & had some fun on 125th. I found some really nice shops & the Shea Butter was all over the place so to me it was like being in Detroit (home) where you see the same thing. This year when we come, we gotta hook up.Peace,Bygbaby

  2. Cluizel says:

    Ahhhh! Yeah! Someone else knows! Yup…I named him after The Foreign Exchange…now to find a way to pimp him into a music video. :)Ooohhh yeah! Let me know when you come to ny! 🙂

  3. Bygbaby says:

    HELL NALL, if you get him in a video, then it is on & poppin. Are you into Little Brother also. There is a website that has ther new mix tape cd available for a free download & it is the bomb. Let me know privately & I will send you the link.BTW, I turned many friends onto the Foreign Exchange. Funny thing is, is that the CD is like 2 years old+ but still the shit. Bygbaby

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