Eight Months!

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Why yes…I am two days early…sue me! 🙂 I will be stuck in a book until Tuesday (CPA exam) so I thought I would get all of my blogging out of the way now so I won’t be tempted!
8 months! Yippe! I cannot even begin to express how much I am enjoying the short stage of locks! And to think I would have missed this!!! I have not styled my hair in over 5 months now and I do not miss it at all! Oh how I love having Sisterlocks!

Hmmm…what do I do…I sleep on a satin pillowcase and I finger comb my hair…I might spritz with water if it is acting crazy…but not so much.

I know my hair is growing…but I just don’t see it…

But hey…as long as my hair is locking and its healthy I don’t care…

Hopefully the base of my locks won’t thin out…because I am gonna let me locks grow until…well whenever. I have never really cared too much about hair…so as long as there is no combing and brushing involved…do what you want to do hair! 🙂

Khumura says I’m not fully locked yet…but I should be by my 1 year anniversary. My hair looks locked in my photos though…hmm.

Happy Lockaversary to me!

(Lol…I feel like I am in a high school relationship…when you celebrate like week anniversaries and whatnot. lol)


5 thoughts on “Eight Months!

  1. Quietspirit says:

    Your hair is coming along nicely. I see a lot of growth since I met you at the Locks Conference. You locks are looking good.

  2. Cluizel says:

    Thanks quietspirit!I guess because its mine and I see it everyday that I can’t notice a difference…

  3. Brenda says:

    One day, you’re going to wake up and…BAM!!! It’ll be there. It looks very locked to me. Keep up the good work, I love it.

  4. cheleskilove says:

    your hair looks lockish to me as well…congrats on your 8mos and CPA exam!!!!I know you did well.i love you guys herr!!! maybe we can do homecomeing this year and have a sisterlocks reunion at the same time.lol!!!

  5. peajai says:

    I’ve been wondering this for a while, what is the difference between traditional locks and sisterlocks? I went to their website and didn’t find much information I was looking for.

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