Don’t have kids! lol

Since I am never around when SS is awake…I have to get an update out there by any means necessary!

Yes she was sleeping…but that’s what happens when you are knocked out at 9PM!!! Goodness! If I was going out tonight, I wouldn’t even be thinking about getting dressed yet and here she is sleeping.

Its been almost 6 months for SS…her hair hasn’t made an drastic changes but its growing and she hasn’t had any slippage. She says when she retires in a year she is just gonna raise a puppy and grow hair. lol.

HA! Payback for the baby bathtub pics is SOOO sweet! šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Don’t have kids! lol

  1. Tra says:

    You are a mess and don’t be surprised if SS reminds you who is the momma and taps your behind (lol). Just the same thanks for the update. I love that you are a “by any means necessary” kind of chick (HAHAHA!).

  2. Chi-chi says:

    I am too through! You are a mess! SS is making great progress(:Chi(:

  3. why u messing with your mom?! lol

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