Interviews with short locks…

So…I’ve been in a funky mood lately…probably why I been lurking and not blogging…and I decided that I need to fix things. Since I am young, single and unattached…I think it’s too early in life to be miserable. 🙂 So I took an inventory and decided that the job was the main thing that I could fix immediately and have the most issue with. Of course I LOVE my coworkers now…I have gotten over the initial necessary “Cluizel warm up to strangers” phase…so work is filled with laughs and teasing coworkers. I love the people I work with…but the work that I am doing and the industry I am in leave a lot to be desired. I can honestly say that I really don’t like getting up and going to work in the morning…sooooooo

It’s interview time!!!

Ok…I have already interviewed with locks…but that was when I had relaxed ends…now I have a lock afro…damn…I can’t/won’t even style them…hmm…

I was worried for all of maybe 5 minutes. I decided that I would just go ultra-conservative everywhere else to overcompensate for my hair standing up all over my head. And I am happy to report that as of yet…it has not been an issue.

I had a first interview yesterday…and I was asked back for a second interview Wednesday. This interview Wednesday sounds like it will be a little more major…yesterday I met with the Controller, my potential manager and one of the supervisors…the interview was brief and it was VERY hard to read them…but my recruiter called me later that afternoon to schedule the second interview. YEAH! I didn’t suck! He then told me to expect this next one to be more behavorial based, longer and I might meet with the CFO. (damn damn damn)

So what to do with my hair this time? Nothing…its whatever…it will be clean…and I will try to keep it from standing up but that’s it…I’m actually more worried about what I am going to wear. lol.


3 thoughts on “Interviews with short locks…

  1. CloudNine says:

    Your hair is fabulous! You kick some tail and take some names in those interviews.

  2. Chi-chi says:

    Wow Cluizel! What you’re doing takes guts. Kudos to do for doing what will make you happier. I can’t wait to hear more. Good luck on your Wed. interview!BTW I never had a lock afro, yours is tight!Chi(:

  3. cheleskilove says:

    did you get the 3rd interview..i wish you well,you WILL find your niche,keep seeking…

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