I’m it!

So…yesterday morning I checked my bloglines and saw that Bygbaby had updated his blog. Yeah! “Ohh…AWB…yeah I get that too(scroll scroll scroll) Oh! Bygbaby was tagged! (scroll scroll scroll)…shit…now I’m tagged! Dammit”

So…since this tag isn’t like the b/s one I hated playing in elementary school (I have never been fond of running) I can deal with this…

Warning! Mine won’t be nearly as interesting as Bygbaby’s since this is my first time tagged…gotta save other stuff for the next time this happens…here it goes

Basically, when you have been tagged you have to tell 5 facts that your readers donโ€™t know about you.

1. I squeal VERY loudly when I see cute pets and small children. And not like a semi-quiet “Awwww” I screech like I see a mouse and usually everyone within 20 feet can hear me. Which makes my friends fall on the floor laughing and it annoys the hell out of my Mom because eventhough Nicolay is my dog…if he looks extra cute for some reason I do it too…I wish there was a way I could record it so you could hear it…its really special.

Wait…add food to the list. I feel sorry for whoever takes me out to dinner on a date next…whenever food is brought to the table and I am really hungry I make the same noise. My friends, who are used to it just laugh…the waiter/waitress usually laughs or looks at me a little crazy…do I care? not really.

2. Interpretive dances are my s**t!!! Ever since my first Ms. Hampton pagent where I had to sit thru a few interpretive dances I said…”Hey! I can do that!” So whenever it strikes me (which is quite often) in the car, office, restaurant, plane…whatever…if something makes me feel like dancing I will do it…and act out the song lyrics.

Just Friday…when I was in the movie theatre with K watching Dreamgirls…during the part where Eddie Murphy was singing “Jimmy got soul” it only took about 10 seconds for me to start dancing…K and everyone sitting behind me started laughing. Wait…and then I did it again in the car to Uno’s…

3. And now that I have talked about how silly I am…I am very reserved shy around guys I am attracted too. Yes…I must still be four because I cannot stop smiling and I don’t really know what to say. It gets kinda ridiculous…because its not like they don’t know what’s wrong with me…so perhaps I need a crash course on “flirty for the hopless” because I get tongue tied and stupid…

I have had numerous crushes on guys…and although my friends swear they are not out of reach I still won’t do anything…even when they talked to me I refused. (sigh)

4. I read my horoscope everyday. Not because I need it to live…but because I’m curious. I usually read it the day after or late in the evening but I always read it. And my sign, Cancer, is SOOOO me. I am clingy and emotional and mothering and all of that good stuff. I am also on teh cusp of Gemini and Cancer so I suppose that makes me a little insane as well.

The summer between highschool and college me and my friend hung out in the village all the time…and one time I went to a psychic…and she hit it right on the head. Two of my friends were in the room and their mouths were literally on the floor the entire time because she it was like she knew me. After she told me about my personality she said I had had one major heartbreak (true)…I would have one more (which I have) and I would me the love of my life in my late 20’s (not there yet)..but then for laughs I went back two years later she told me I had demons in my past lives and for $500 she would work with me to get rid of them or I would never get married. YEAH!…I’ll stick to reading my horoscops the day after from now on…

5. At college appliction time I was VERY lazy…so I had a game plan…do not apply to any colleges that required an essay. Well…it sounds horrible…but it worked. I still ended up with a full academic scholarhips to Hampton and Howard based on my application and SAT scores alone. Extra work for no reason? Nope…not I. Somehow I doubt this plan would work when it is time to apply to B school.

Ta da!

OH! I tag Sunsail, Madam and SistaLocd! Muhahahaha! (evil laugh!) lol


13 thoughts on “I’m it!

  1. SistaLocd says:

    Hey girl, I am so ashamed to say that I have no idea what I’m supposed to do! I have never played this game before. It sounds interesting so give me a headsup!

  2. Cluizel says:

    Sorry…I left that out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I added it in now…but basically you just have to list 5 things that we wouldn’t know about you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bygbaby says:

    So now I am dying to hear that screech, sounds off the hook funny. Have you ever done it on a 1st date? That could be a deal killer LOL.I feel you on the extra work piece while applying for college. I was like forget it when it came to writing essays to get scholarships. I never took the SAT & only got like a 16 on the ACT, I was a loser way back when & did not really care.I had to attend a suck ass school:(.Being tagged is kinds fun. LOL

  4. daez says:

    LOL! Very cool…I hum when I eat something gooood! I used to always tease my best friend because she does it..until she told me she got it from ME!! (ROFLOL!!)…and believe it or not I’m shy to distraction!…embarrassingly(((HUGS)))….just me…daez

  5. Madam says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooodang…u got me. I guess trying to shake u wasn’t gonna happen. fine then, i’ll do it thisbone timenot a squeal,lol!!

  6. sunsail says:

    Dag nabbit Michelle!!!!! Grrrrr…. Ok, I gotta think about this one…

  7. CloudNine says:

    Yes, stay away from the psychic besides, I could read your palm for six dollars and a Chic-fil-a waffle fry!BTW, I totally understand about the interpretive dance thing…I break a sweet every day in my car (lol)

  8. Goodnapps says:

    I follow horoscopes too.

  9. Mel says:

    I am loving this tag thing! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. (((((Laughs)))) I like #5, that is too funny.

  11. you need to leave ms hampton 2001-2002) and her interpretive dance alone! LMAO!!!

  12. Chi-chi says:

    Hey, I followed that plan except I wrote an essay for Harvard because they recruited me. Guess what? No Harvard–all that brainpower went to waste ): But I took the free tuition and went to U of I instead. I’m just reading this and realized that I tagged Sunsail too. I guess I’m down to two original tags since I tagged BygBaby too ):Chi(:

  13. cheleskilove says:

    ummm full scholarship to Hampton?you go girl!!!!andwere you IN the pagent or just watching it?Dynasty C/O 1990 rocks!lol!did you see the state of the black union?on the site there’s pics of the event. it’s exciting to me bc when we had a large gathering, back in da day, we had to go to the Hampton Roads Coliseum.lol!!! It’s nice to see we have one now-on the grass where the frats/sororities would sing our chants.oh, those were the dayz……..

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