They love me…they really love me

First…I would like to say thank you to everyone who left encouraging words on my last post. They really mean a lot.

Now…I am actually on my way to the funeral…but I had something hair related to speak about from the wake. (I know I know)

The wake was surprisingly upbeat. It was a mini high school reunion of all of the honor students. 🙂 Some people I hadn’t seen in years…and I was a little nervous about havin to cut my eyes at some ignorant people at a wake. (I know…I know) But I was pleasantlyt surprised that everyone loved me hair! Luckily I had just washed it because…although we haven’t seen each other in almost 7 years…everyone still felt comfortable playing with my hair. 🙂

OH OH! And someone actually knew they were Sisterlocks! One of my old classmates…she also has natural hair…she was the most excited to see my hair and she called them Sisterlocks right away.

After the wake…K and I went to dinner @ our favorite Italian restaurant, movies (Dreamgirls finally!) and dessert. While we were eating dessert K whipped out his new phone and took some pics…and since Creyole mentioned I am usually hiding my face in pics (lol)… here I am!

Lol. I always take my own pictures that I post on my blog…and they never look ok to me. So it was nice to actually have someone else take my picture for a change.

Now to handle being tagged by BygBaby…sigh (lol)


5 thoughts on “They love me…they really love me

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Aww – you look in good spirits despite the circumstances. Friends who can make you smile during a time like this is priceless. These pics look superb! Keep hanging in there.

  2. Brenda says:

    Can those dimples get any deeper! I’m glad you had something to smile about It’s amazing how folks can come together through loss.

  3. Whoopi!! I’m so excited to see the full range of facial expressions. Complete joy and comedy flows from you and your blog. I love reading your blog. Glad you are feeling in better spirits especially after seeing your high school buddies. Work the locks my girl!

  4. sunsail says:

    You look cute and happy, in spite of it all!! 🙂

  5. michelle with the big ole grin!!! love it!

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