Random pictures…

Ok…I think I mentioned I dropped my cell phone in the toilet two weeks ago…(I am so special) and I had to get a new phone. Since this new phone is supposedly so “fabulous” with a “fabulous” camera I took a few “fabulous” pics during one of my “fabulous” lunch breaks… (lol)

South Street Seaport is right by my job and I usually wander down there for lunch. It was unseasonably warm that day…so I usually swallow my lunch and then sit outside and admire the view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and read a book.

And so this is hair related…

yeah…not the best pic…but you can see my hair sticking up over my head.

And on my old phone…I took this picture…

Did I post this already?!? Anyways…when I first started at XYZ there was this big box of old electronics that was behind my cubicle…hmm k. So one quiet Friday afternoon two of the new guys and I went rummaging through the box…there were some fun stuff but this was the most interesting. The two guys pretended they had never seen one before…(one is 23 and one is 21 so they were trying to make me feel old…jerks). I think the last time I had seen one was in middle school…so I had to take a picture!

Winter seems to finally be coming to NY so there won’t be any more outdoors pictures until the spring. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Random pictures…

  1. You so crack me up and I love they way your hair stand in the breath taking pic. Much nicer than Dallas in so many ways.Stop makingus wonder about you, we need to see more face front pics of you. Stop holding out on us….

  2. Sony says:

    I love South Street Seaport! They have the best concerts in the summer. NYC represent..lol. Thanks for your feedback and your blog…your hair is awesome!

  3. SistaLocd says:

    The first pic is a beautiful pic! I think your camera phone did a good job! Since I can never persuade my Hubby to move to New York ( due to my other Hubby which is Jay-Z shh he doesn’t know it yet! lol)I just have to fantasize and look at pictures and find out whats going on up that way through you!

  4. Madam says:

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooo, we had had those in grades school! Throwbacks!!!

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