Le Sigh

I was in a hair funk the past week (probably why I haven’t blogged)…but I think I am ok now. I don’t know why pictures always make me feel better. I was looking at Creyole’s blog and I thought…”maybe I should take a few pictures?”

I was working out yesterday and I caught myself in the mirror. Why is my hair standing up all over my head?!? I guess you shouldn’t judge your hair when you’re all sweaty and sore! lol. I think I am just tired of my length…I am approaching the stage where I might actually have to start styling it again (GAG!) Hopefully my hair is thick enough so I can continue to freestyle…well…forever! šŸ™‚

Le Sigh…the hair has to grow…BUT I can say that I am SOOOOOO happy I cut off my relaxed ends when I did…so that’s something to be happy for. I had length…but it was relaxed…and I chose to cut it off after less than 3 months…guess I shouldn’t complain about length should I?!? lol.

So…I feel better now…I might as well share the pics. My 7 month anniversary is in a few days! yippe? šŸ™‚

Of course the puppy had to sneak in! šŸ™‚

Why my hair looks raspberry in one shot?!? I have no earthly idea! lol. And my hair looks really locked in pictures…but it doesn’t look that way to me in person…maybe I need to stop looking in mirrors so much?


8 thoughts on “Le Sigh

  1. Brenda says:

    Your hair looks just like it’s supposed to – good!

  2. If you read my post yesterday you were probably thinking “what’s up with Creyole?” Well, thanks to Blaqkofi, Brenda, Ayankha & Sistalocd responses I’m now out of my funk. Thanks my buddies for the pick up!So, I took the time to go back through my photos to this time last year and found that I was at a totally different phase even then. My little babies were shorter due to scissors and I could not wait to get to where I am today only to still have yet another complaint.!! Go figure.After seeing this reality check I am sooooo happy to see the growth stage and at least my locks are for where I am today.Puppy is too adorable!

  3. Eeks….. disregard my previous comment, sorry. Here’s what I meant to say.Your locks are very uniform and oh so healthy. Don’t get in the funk like I did, we’ve got a long journey before us and this is still the beginning.I’ve got your back too my sistah!Puppy is really cute….

  4. BlaqKofi says:

    Your hair looks locked to me! And your puppy is 2 cute. I used to have a Yorkie. I want another. I’m getting a dog this spring. Don’t be bummed about ur hair. U can freestyle with long locks. Just buy some ties to hold it out of your face. It’s simply another locked stage – embrace it.

  5. Woof woof woof Nick! Woof woof! Your mom’s hair looks like our mom’s hair Woof woof!

  6. Cluizel says:

    Brenda – ThanksCreyole – Thanks Creyole…Since Khumura spaces my retightenings kinda far apart I seem to get in a funk the week before my hair needs to get done. BlaqKofi – Thanks! šŸ™‚ Luckily I have the hair ties thing down already. šŸ™‚ Awwww…I hope you get another Yorkie! I love my little buddyMarcello & Chicco – Nicolay is still a baby so I’ll have to type for him…right now he just kinda stands on the keyboard while I type. Sine your Mommy and I have the same hair maybe you can teach Nicolay to stop chewing on my locks?!? šŸ™‚

  7. CloudNine says:

    I love the uniformity of your sisterlocks…I was in a hair funk a few weeks ago…with my major mullet and all…I have to remember to love each stage of this process. My little Liam says, “Bonjour Nicolay.”

  8. SistaLocd says:

    I think we all have our little hair funks every now and then but thats is to be expected! As long as we don’t go into Sisterlocks Depression! ( I just made that up not a real term, lol) Anyhow just think of all the good days and postive feelings about your hair hopefully they out weigh the bad ones!

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