Introducing…my carpet!!!

Yes…I may seem random at times…but it all makes sense in my head. I was wandering around blogs one day I noticed someone commented how she liked blogs with meaning and not just random ones…goodness…if I can’t be random on my online diary where can I be random?!? Whatever…it wasn’t directed directly to me so its whatever…I’ll write about cheese if I like! So HA! 🙂

Ok…lol…my carpet! Don’t fuss at SS but I had my first relaxer at 6 or 7 years old. Since this is my first time with natural hair…my hair texture actually surprises me now. I have always heard AA hair being compared to steel wool…and while that MAY be true for some…I was playing in my hair one day…and it reminded my of my plush soft carpet from the apartment I had in Indiana. So yeah…I am not ashamed to admit I have an extreme case of handinthehairitis.

Now aside from my carpet epiphany…my hair is starting to look like locks! I was startled one day when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the subway door…

Who knew I had so much hair?!? I am starting to get compliments on my hair more often now (wow!) and non-locked people are FINALLY recognizing that I am locking my hair. Lol. I always joke with my friends that I messed around with my current company because I had the relaxed ends when I interviewed and I just happened to cut the relaxed ends off in my first month of the job…not on purpose! I promise!!! lol.


16 thoughts on “Introducing…my carpet!!!

  1. SistaLocd says:

    Your locks are looking good! I can’t wait til my locks look like locks! (I wonder when that will be?) I must admit I feel a lil lock envy coming along, lol! Na but for real your hair looks good!

  2. Very very nice locks. Looking so healthy too! Work it girl!

  3. Goodnapps says:

    Oh just beautiful, full and healthy.

  4. Cluizel says:

    Sistalocd – Thanks! Oh girl…you’re time is coming! I have major lock envy of anyone with longer locks…so I guess the lock envy cycle never ends. lolCreyole & Goodnapps – Thanks! 🙂

  5. brunsli says:

    You’re so funny!But it is a great feeling to finally get recognized as having locks, isn’t it?

  6. Leighann says:

    Looking good! And for the record, handinthehairitis is nothing to be ashamed of. At least that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

  7. Cluizel says:

    Brunsli – Thanks! It is! lol. For a while I thought people just assumed I forgot to do my hair…so at least they know now I am doing something.Leighann – lol. Thanks…actually, I am almost convinced that anyone who says they don’t have it is in denial. 🙂

  8. Brenda says:

    As I’ve consistently said, there’s something about everyone else’s locks that’s enviable, even by those of us who’ve been locked for awhile. You’re hair is coming along very nicely!

  9. Madam says:

    “handinthehairitis”LOL, I should’ve been diagnosed with this condition as a child cause I STILL got it bad. Matter of facts, my hand was twisting my hair as I read this!!Carpet…cool, I call mine wool…that’s what the fro feels like!!

  10. cheleskilove says:

    I love these close ups!!! are we hair twins from the back?hmmmmmm.arent you glad they got this blogger beta thing straight! I can post more now without getting

  11. your hair is FUCKING beautiful!!! and of course, i love your smile! get it Michelle!

  12. CloudNine says:

    Look’in good, lookin G-OO-D! You are getting so much length!

  13. Miss Evans says:

    Beautiful transition!!!! Looking good!!!!Maryee 🙂

  14. BlaqKofi says:

    you are indeed locked girlfriend and lookin’ good!

  15. Cluizel says:

    Brenda – Thank you. :)Madam – Lol. Cheleskilove – Oooohhh! Maybe we are?!? Ohmigoodness…yes I am! Ugh…so annoying for a while thereStace – lol. Thanks Girl!CloudNine – Thank you! I hate to be greedy but I wish it would grow faster. :)Maryee – Thanks! :)BlaqKofi – 🙂 Thank you!

  16. Tessa says:

    Good for people to know.

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