Happy New Year!

Since Brunsli asked about New Year’s Resolutions… I thought I would post about it…

I normally HATE resolutions…they usually fall apart by mid January. Lol. But this year I decided that maybe if I was more general with my resolution…maybe it would actually stick.

Take care of me.

Sounds easy right? Well…in the hustle and bustle of life sometimes you can forget to take care of yourself…or the things that you need to do for yourself aren’t really “fun” so you skip out on them.

Nope…not anymore! As much as I hate the gym I feel so much better when I go regularly…so dammit…I will let go of the pillow and take care of myself. Do you know the guy you are dating is toxic? You’re fine by yourself…walk away! Cluizel!!! Put that brownie down now!!! You’re allergic to chocolate…man up! Stop crying! You have a puppy to take care of! Stop eating out 3 times a day and save more money!!! Cooking will not make you self-destruct!!!

Maybe it’s the quarter-life crisis or everyone getting married around me…but my happiness is my responsibility…so 2007 will be the year of selfishness…


And a friendly FYI: I am doing 24 over again…when my birthday roles around in June I will be remaining 24. Although I would enjoy the drop in car insurance rates and the disappearance of the severe” under 25” penalty when renting cars…I am not up for doing 25 yet. Thanks, Management.


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. brunsli says:

    Good for you!Taking care of me will be part of my New Year’s *plans!* Just as soon as I get these papers finished and quit my job…

  2. Brenda says:

    That’s a great thing to do! I need to take note. And girl, 25 (is that all???) – It’s just a number!

  3. SistaLocd says:

    Sounds like a very good thing to do, I’ve been lacking in that area as well maybe I should give it a try! I enjoy reading your blogs you always have me laughing!As far as the gym I need to get to mine as well I have no excuses my gym is at home! (how pitiful is that?)lol

  4. Goodnapps says:

    You have to be selfish sometimes, you just have to.

  5. Tra says:

    I agree all women especially mother’s (yes even those who are puppy moms) need to maintain a bit of selfishness. On another note girl I turned 27 a few time before I FINALLY turned 30. 27 was great for me so if 24 is your thing then stay there until it is time to move on (hehehe)!

  6. Cluizel says:

    Thanks everyone!Lol @ TRA

  7. Chi-chi says:

    I feel you on the gym, self care and holding at 24, although I’m holding at 29. Have no fear, 30 is just a blink a way. The only difference is that you’re more sure of yourself and less inclined to take crap from people.Chi(:

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