6 month anniversary

Six months in Sisterlocks! I almost forgot about my anniversary because I have been giving all of my attention to Nicolay Phonte…

Since my hair hasn’t done anything dramatic since my last picture post…here’s somemore Nicolay Phonte for your viewing pleasure!!!

I was trying to get him to do one of those cute shots where he sits next to a can of beans or something so you can see how small he really is…well…Nicolay Phonte WAS NOT having it!!! Maybe he doesn’t like Goya? I don’t even know what he has against John Legend…but he was gnawing on the case…

Oh well…better luck next time! Silly puppy.

Happy 6 month locaversay to me!


11 thoughts on “6 month anniversary

  1. SistaLocd says:

    Congratulations on your 6 months. You better keep an eye on Nicolay! LOL

  2. brunsli says:

    What a cutie!Our guys use wee wee pads too. You can buy them from VWR for much less. I think they’re called lab bench liners, and check vwr.com.Hair? Who can think about hair when you have a new puppy???

  3. Cluizel says:

    Stace – lolSistalocd – Thank you! Oh I will…if I turn away for a second he leaves me a little “present”Brunsli – Wow…THANK YOU! These look great…when I was buying wee wee pads it felt like I was buying diapers or something. Ugh

  4. CloudNine says:

    He is the sweetest thing! Good luck with the wee wee pads. My Liam used to shred them into pieces, for fun.

  5. Meikmeika says:

    Congratulations on your Six Month Anniversary and your new puppy!!! He’s soooo cute and so tiny.He may be chewing on the J Legend CD b/c he wants to listen to it and he knows it’s a good CD. LOL!

  6. Bygbaby says:

    Wha chu know bout that Goya??? LOL

  7. Leighann says:

    Happy 6 month anniversary! Always feel free to share a lock picture, but I ain’t mad atcha; your puppy is too cute!

  8. Cluizel says:

    CloudNine – Lol…funny you say that…Nicolay started eating the pads nowMeikMeika – Lol…perhaps…I always leave my favorite radio stations on for him…and he’s named after hip hop artists…maybe I can teach him how to dance?ThanksBygbaby – Shoot…I know about the Goya…whatchu know bout that goya? lolLeighann – Thanks!

  9. Miss Evans says:

    I just love lap dogs! They are so adorable!!! Nice collage of Nicolay Phonte!Maryee 🙂

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