Sigh…instead of going into a big typical “Cluizel” rant…I will just insert a text message conversation I had with my close friend in Maryland.

NY – Do you know about Hip Hop Harry?
MD – Hip Hop Harry?
NY – Basically Barney with a gold chain. I saw it this morning on TLC…the show ended with a dance off. I was most disturbed
MD – Wat da hell?!?
NY – There was even a rap about the proper way to wash your hands…with little bi-racial children with wild hair singing along. They even had little white kids pop locking and spinning on their heads!!!
MD – That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all year!
NY – Oh…I almost died on the floor! Why am I always the one that finds these things?!?

So we have Hip Hop Harry now?!? When did this happen and why? I have consulted with a few of my other friends today and we are all disturbed…

But then I had a caucus with my homey Youtube and I discovered this…

I have no words…I just thought I should make you all aware…


8 thoughts on “HHH

  1. Brenda says:

    Why’d you have to remind me? I thought I’d never have to see Barney again!

  2. CloudNine says:

    I am speechless…Utterly speechless and disgusted all at the same time. This is so very sad.

  3. locizm says:

    this was hilarious! there is know doubt that hip hop has influenced the world and we’d be crazy to think otherwise. the messages from HHH are positive so i have no issue with its delivery. Barney is more for toddlers and SOME middles school aged children, were as HHH will reach the tweens. it kinda reminded me of the Micky Mouse Club while i was growing up. why not speak to youth on their level? everything hip hop is bad. change can be a good thing! Peace

  4. locizm says:

    Ok I suck at typing. I ment to say Everything Hip Hop is NOT bad.

  5. Cluizel says:

    Brenda – lol. Sorry about that. You probably had enough of Barney!CloudNine – sigh…I feel the same wayLocizm – I think its cute for kids…but as a hip hop fan it kinda makes my stomach hurt. lol. I would rather kids be doing this than watching music videos and learning entire hip hop albums…but it kind of makes me wonder where hip hop is going…

  6. 1. you tube is the damnation of us all. no matter how obscure the clip is, youtube will have it.2. is HHH worse than MyBling Barbie? I’m still trying to decide…

  7. Madam says:


  8. Cluizel says:

    LMAO…you two are always hilarious!Stace – Not sure…they are both pretty horrible…I did see a store in the mall yesterday called “Bling Bling” sighMadam – LMAO

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