I’m going thru chocoate withdrawal…

Le Sigh…no chocolate all day today…only today? Yes…I snuck and had a small piece yesterday! I’m sorry!!! I’m weak…why me?!?!? WHY ME?!?


Feeling better now. Yesterday (my first quasi-chocolate free day) I realized I really like songs when men are hurt. OK! I know how that sounds…but I am so shocked when men show their feelings…especially regret and or…::gasp::…dare I say…apologize on a record.

I was listening to Van Hunt’s first CD for about the 5th time yesterday…and I keep getting stuck on this song “Who will love me in winter”…I love the entire song…but I’ll just share one verse and the chorus…

Delusions of grandeur misled my adventurous spirit
Love of the unknown rolls like a stone above my contentment
The autumn leaves fall from the trees
And hold me captive with a dance in the air
And I know with the passing of these, I must find love from somewhere

But my spaceship crashed against the wall
My neighbor’s grass ain’t so green after all
I wouldn’t have a second thought ’bout the fall
But I’m wondering who will love me in winter…

YES!!! The grass isn’t always greener on the side! Greedy bast… sorry…I got a little carried away. 🙂

I wanted to blame it on the chocolate but I can’t…I began to think of some of my favorite songs

Mos Def – The Beggar
Bilal – When will you call
Musiq – Half Crazy
Mint Condition – Breakin my Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)
Carl Thomas – Emotional
Ginuwine – I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry
Blackstreet – Don’t Leave
Gerald Levert (RIP) – Damn near everything… 🙂
Peabo Bryson – Can you stop the rain
Lenny Williams – Cause I love you (yes I know I wasn’t born yet…sad men really get to me!)

Wait…there are exceptions that Donnell Jones “Where I wanna be mess” is another greedy man cop out…not making the list! I will not support that!


I have a degree…I work in corporate america…I am allowed ghetto indulgences every now and then!!! Favorite line in the song

“Semi-shy, and I’m laid back, crystal hats Heard ya water broke I was like “Phewww” and ran back”

wait wait…I have another one

“This thing here, ever man in the world goes through But f**k that, I put alotta money up, I’m hatin!”

So thank you men for being vulnerable during the sad time of my life…thank you for making walking away from chocolate just a little bit easier…


4 thoughts on “I’m going thru chocoate withdrawal…

  1. bitches.this will be my second time posting”remember when we used to dress like twins? sweat; baby blue timbs” -raekwon ‘never be the same again’LOVE THAT SONG!!and that bilal song? love it too! yeah nigga! cry! i ain’t NEVER calling!

  2. Cluizel says:

    LMAO…Stace but why did I say “cry ni**a cry” when I was listening to Van Hunt?!? lol.But why do I still have the voicemail you left me at least a year ago when you were playing that song! lol. I am a voicemail packrat!

  3. Madam says:

    U’re back Chelle, YAY! any who, feeling the begging songd, ya takin me back girlie! I’m a van hunt fan also, but my fav of his is “down here in hell”…that song is it!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Yeah! You found me! I didn’t disappear…I should have left a better trail. :(YEAH!!! Another Van Hunt fan! I love that song too…I just want to see him live now

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