Oh wait…I do have hair right?

Mom and I have our retightening Sunday. I might have to break my Christmas promise and post pics then…Mom’s hair is doing well, her coworkers are watching her hair to see its progress. She said the last time she got a retightening her coworkers looked confused because the progress they thought she had disappeared. 🙂

I had absolutely NO idea my hair was so thick!!! I am going to have to take a before and after retightening picture. But…I will have to get a hair update from Khumura so I can know what my hair is doing because I can’t see it. lol. its too short to look at without a mirror and even with a mirror I just see a mass of hair. lol.

My “friend” has 5 year old traditional locks that are WAY longer than mine. (I usually say they are past the bra strap if he were to wear one…but I guess I can just say mid back instead, lol) I haven’t had the Sisterlocks conversation yet. How you ask? Because my hair is so thick and big he probably can’t tell how many locks I really have…I suppose this is what the puffy stage of standard size Sisterlocks is all about?


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