It’s going to snow!

Wait…in the winter that sounds more like a weather prediction and not sarcasm. lol. Its gonna be a sunshiny day?!? lol.

I wandered to the local bookstore during lunch like I tend to do when I don’t feel like being bothered (I do have accountant tendencies!) but yesterday there was a particular book and CD I wanted… So I wander over to the African American literature section and you would not believe what I find…AFRICAN AMERICANS!!!

Now you are probably thinking…”Michelle…why wouldn’t there be African Americans in the African American literature section”…but come on now…I frequent the bookstore alot and everytime I go in the section it seems to be the catch all for everyone who can’t find a seat in another section. I usually just grab a spot on the floor while Suzy stock broker reads the Wall Street Journal next to the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” but yesterday…there were two other black professionals scanning the section…maybe we are invading the financial district?!? I am not the only locked person on my floor…and definetly not the only natural person…and in a department of 24…7 or us are AA. The revolution will occur on Wall Street & in bookstores?!?

Plesant surprise…AND I got my book! SCORE!

That is all…


2 thoughts on “It’s going to snow!

  1. Madam says:

    Well it sure ain’t be televised so it’s nice to know its happening smoewhere 🙂

  2. Cluizel says:

    Shit…I’m just happy it might happen. lol

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