Should I be excited?

In all honesty…I thought the competition was over once Anchal was sent home. Eugena just gave up…can you pretend to care? Oh wait…shit…I should be excited, Melrose didn’t win. 🙂

I WISH I was in the room when my friend’s roommate was watching the finale…since she was the one that asked me if there had ever not been a black person in the top two…I wonder what her reaction was…

Now…I don’t know if everyone understood my first post…but I was annoyed that someone would have to ask if a black woman had never not been in the top two…and what if there hasn’t been? Maybe they just happened to be better than the competition?!? What about that? So because Tyra is black…I think some people may automatically assume that all the black girls naturally have a leg up on the competition (which is why I think Tyra has a “pattern”)

On a happier note (as I said on Brenda’s blog) if Tyra ever puts a plus size model on there again…I don’t care if she is black, white, purple…she has my vote!!! lol.

OH…and I was watching the show with my new “friend”…poor thing. I told him the finale would only be done justice on his 5000 inch tv screen. lol. I know he was bored because I was actually getting bored when I was watching it.

I wonder how much longer reality TV will be dominating TV…


7 thoughts on “Caridee?

  1. Brenda says:

    I hear you on that Michelle. But I think I heard Tyra say that even though this is her show, she only has one vote – don’t know how true that is. But even if it is, would you want to disagree with the boss?On another note, can they stop giving most of the black models butt length weaves? I want to see a model with SLs up in there!

  2. Cluizel says:

    Lol…after onlly 2 years in corporate America I don’t believe Tyra. lol. Is corporate America making me cynical?!? Time to retire!!!That is very true…I did hear Tyra say she wishes she could stop wearing weaves and just wear a fro…(don’t know if I believe that either):)

  3. Meikmeika says:

    Hehe!!!! Either the black models have long weaves or poofy poofy hair…I knew Carrie would win since Melrose has been the worst back stabber throughout the show. I wish Achel would have stayed longer but her lack of self esteem hurt her soooo much. You have to be willing to look foolish in front of everyone and she wasn’t trying to do that…Sorry to chime in late but just had to.Oh, Can I place a link to your blog on mine? Your blog is interesting.Meikmeik

  4. Cluizel says:

    Meikmeika – Thanks, Sure! I’ll add you on mine too!

  5. ayankha says:

    i am weening myself off of the tele, but one of my crack-like shows has been ANTM. this season, i also knew that eugena wouldn’t win not only because she was black and the “pattern” (oh excuse me, the “look”) was not in her favor; but also she didn’t express the desperation to stay like other girls. out of the three, she simply looked the best. and what’s most of all, she showed real development. i started out the season not really in her favor, but i could see her getting better and when she did that pic with the bull in spain… i was blown away. as much as i did not care to see melrose win (due to her nasty attitude towards the other girls), she could ACT her butt off. she stroked the judges every chance she got and delivered on most photos (despite me not really liking her look) and in the final walk with caridee, i really feel like she did better. but what was priceless was the look on her face when they announced the winner! she knew she was gonna take it and her cockiness was stunned as her knowing smile turned into shock. dang, u just gotta love the ANTM drama.

  6. Cluizel says:

    Oohhh…good recap Ayankha!!!I almost felt kind of bad when melrose didn’t win..ONLY because she was the tightest the entire time…but her evil tendencies and Blah personality reminded me she didn’t need to win. Ugh…I didn’t like her. lol

  7. Brenda says:

    I was just looking through the Jan 07 issue of Essence – I say that’s Danielle doing the jeans layout on page 38 and 39.

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