Musiq Soulchild…and random musings

So….I have a mental list or artists I want to see…and Musiq was on the list. So when I heard he was performing at SOB’s for 3 nights I knew I had to go and luckily a friend let me drag him with me.

Since doors opened at 7 but the show didn’t start until 9 we got a lot of time to wander the club and chat. When we walked in I noticed a HUGE display of condoms and safe sex literature. Lifebeat was set up…Marcus and I looked over…and kept going. After about 40 minutes…my curiosity got the best of me and I had to go over and look. (I am VERY nosey, and Hampton was not the type of school to allow stuff like that to happen, so I was curious) So I walk over to the table and I overhear a conversation…

Female Condom Getter – What’s so special about these? (holds up a Trojan Her Pleasure condom)
Male Condom Volunteer – Well, they are studded and ribbed for your pleasure…
FCG – Oh! (smiles)
MCV – Yup…here take one…as a matter of fact take two! (smiles)

Lol. So…in typical Michelle fashion I found ways to entertain myself. lol. I always seem to walk past interesting conversations.

Overall, it was…good…I think we were waiting longer than he was performing…but while he was on stage it was great. The opening act was too damn long…I knew who she was…but by the time she came on I was just ready for the show to start. Marcus and I did have a good laugh mimicking her backup singers. lol.

But…while I was there I did find out that Lupe Fiasco, ?uestlove and BILAL will be there in the next few weeks. My friend who went with me isn’t really into Bilal but I love him. Here is an excerpt of a waiting for the subway conversation…post concert:

Marcus – I haven’t really listened to a lot of Bilal
Michelle – I love Bilal…BILAL! (screams like he does on his album)
MA – Lol
MI – I love NY…see…at least 10 people around and no one even blinked. BILAL!
MA – Jerk, lol

I don’t know how much Marcus enjoyed the concert…he got stuck standing behind this woman with an EXCESSIVE amount of fake hair. Marcus has 5 year old traditonal locks…so we both have a low fake hair tolerance. lol. I swear this girl was like…”Oh…two packs of Yaki…what to do? OH! Pin them on my head!” The ponytail was INSANE! And she was feelin that fake hair…she kept flipping it and moving her hair…so Marcus had to fight fake hair most of the night. Somehow she shifted down and ended up in front of me by the end of the night…and I promise I wasn’t even being bitchy…but somehow with her head swinging and my clapping I managed to get my arm caught in the ponytail. Lol. Eventhough I didn’t do that on purpose (lol) she stopped shaking her hair as much.


5 thoughts on “Musiq Soulchild…and random musings

  1. Brenda says:

    Yeah, right, not on purpose! You’ll find yourself doing what I do – counting how many heads of fake hair you see on your walk from work to the train, while out at lunch, etc. You’ll even find yourself setting an extraordinarily high goal of X numbers of heads per block and, unfortunately meeting (or even exceeding) it! Bad me!

  2. Cluizel says:

    Well…maybe it was slighty…just sorta…on purpose. πŸ™‚

  3. michelle, you’re an ASS!!! why must all concerts have opening acts that are longer than the actual headliner!?!?!? you remember Tribe with all 17 acts before them… pissed.i can’t believe you’re going to see lupe and BILAL!!!!!!!!I LOVE BILAL!!! HE IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND HIS VOICE IS HEAVEN SENT! I LOVE BILAL! you know you have to tell him hi right? and i like his freckles πŸ˜‰

  4. and one more thing… the fake hair at concerts has GOT TO GO!! I told you abt the erykah badu chick standing right in front of me… world wide underground type joint in front of me. pissed

  5. Cluizel says:

    Lol. I will tell him you said hi!LOL…you are HUH-larious.

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