5 month anniversary…where are the photos?

I think the newbie obsession with my locks is starting to die down…don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my hair, I’m just not running to stare in the mirror every 10 minutes like I used to. Oh my goodness…and it was even worse when I cut off the relaxed ends around 3 months….oh! There is something reflective?!? I was IN it! lol.

But now…I think I am calm. Mom’s hair is chillin…mine is doin it’s thing…since I can be a little dramatic, I thought I would bring some of that too my blog! I won’t post pics for this anniversary…I am going to wait until my 6 month anniversary which just happens to fall on Christmas to add new pics.

Hmmm…will I still blog? Of course! I guess I will just have to block out my hair or my head or something. lol.

Ok…yeah…that is all


3 thoughts on “5 month anniversary…where are the photos?

  1. SistaLocd says:

    I can relate to your story.I see we got our Sisterlocks almost around the same time. I didn’t post any photos for my 4th or 5th month. I’m trying to give myself a break and I’m still undecided about posting my 6th month. I guess I will see when the time gets here.

  2. SistaLocd says:

    I forgot to mention. Your locks are looking good thus far!

  3. Cluizel says:

    Thanks sistalocd!Oh I know I can’t wait that long. lol.

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