Around the world with Michelle?!?

I was looking around myspace (shut up) and I saw that someone had a celebrity face matcher thingy (lol)…so i did it…

I picked that pic because it is still one of my favorites…I don’t seem to take many straight on, large sized photos that My Heritage recommends you use…and it is only 2 and a half years old.

This is so cool. When I tried it with my Trina picture this is what I got…

LMAO…even worse.

Funny thing is…although I was only matched with one AA…most of the celebrity matches were Hispanic or Eastern European…oh so confused… Well, at least I wasn’t matched with Britney Spears or Pam Anderson or…::gasp:: Michael Jackson…so lemme stop complaining. lol

So I think I was up for 24 hours yesterday…maybe 23. After work I came home and watched some Tv and then hopped in the car to meet my bff Kiyon (lol) in Manhattan to go to the Nuyorican Friday Night Poetry Slam…ohmigoodness…I HAVE to go again! and hopefully next time I will be ontime…lol. I did a lot of other stuff that night…wandering and the random going in of places but I can’t remember all of it. Oh how I love NY. Just an interesting night in the East Village/Alphabet City…and somehow I didn’t get home until 5am. Time flies when you are wandering around NY with a close friend completely sober & happy. lol.

Oh…My hair! I find it amusing/interesting how I went from “yo shorty” to “excuse me my african queen” in the matter of a few months. Now I also have to deal with bean pies and shea butter being thrown at my head as I walk in Harlem…but that is a small price to pay. lol.

Now I shall return to bed…

RIP Gerald Levert


6 thoughts on “Around the world with Michelle?!?

  1. CloudNine says:

    For some bizarre twisted reason…I still like being called Shorty…perhaps I have come to the realization that this is it…I am not getting any taller. I truly am short…When someone calls me this, I say…true, true and keep walking:) The bean pie offer is just bananas…if I can not get at least a sweet potatoe pie I keep walking. lol.

  2. that is huh-larious that when you’re natural, you’re suddenly a sould sis-tah…BEAN PIES and SHEA BUTTER?!!??!!? you are stooooooooopid!!!! LOLOLgirl, why when i did that, the black chicks i got were beyonce and oprah!!! it was the big hair… oh yeah, i got that while american idol chick… the most recent one that nobody knows.

  3. I love it!!!! This was fun, I did it on my blog, check it out!! I had lots of fun with this and definitely had a variety of people but the two that kept popping up was Jada Pinkett and Portia Dorossi.Abena

  4. Brenda says:

    Girl, I remember hanging out in the Village til all hours of the morning when I was your age! Can’t hang like that anymore – I need my sleep!

  5. Madam says:

    LOL…not teh “shea butter” being tossed at you…LOL

  6. Cluizel says:

    You guys are hilarious!I’ll take the shea butter…they can keep the bean pies…

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