House guest…

Well…first things first….My lock got fixed! Score for me…but my hair was standing up all crazy! I dunno what Wednesday was all about (hair protesting from too much studying?) but it would not lay down. Thank goodness for my Brunsli hairtie! I have ::cough cough:: hair ties but I really love this new one! Since I cut my hair this is the only one I wear. I love that it is so tiny! Its functional and the piece isn’t too big to overpower what little hair I do have. lol.

Hmmm….chocolate! (2 points for a fly-@$$ segue! lol) My friend was in town this weekend. She is a permie…and not a cool one like Stacey…when I showed her a picture of my hair a month ago she politely refused to comment…and she didn’t comment the whole time she was here. Hey whatever…at least she is polite.

Lol…we couldn’t get any pictures together! What? Give a digital camera to a stranger to take a picture in NYC?!? HA! The one on the bottom left is our attempt at a pic together. Since she is 5’1 and I am 6’1…needless to say…it didn’t come out right. lol.

So I had to do all of the tourist stuff I hate to do…Times Square, Ground Zero…but I did take her to Harlem, Greenwich Village and the area by my job so we could wander around. Then last night we were off to Max Brenner in Union Square for some FABULOUS chocolate. Yum….

She is supposed to come back for the Hampton vs. Howard game at MSG since she graduated from Howard (poor thing!)…lol. (Sorry Brenda!)

You know…since I was running around all weekend I feel like I didn’t get a break! I was in Manhattan all weekend! I guess I am used to what I did in Indiana on the weekends (nothing) so if I don’t lay around for two days its not a weekend? Hmm…the life I lead. lol


16 thoughts on “House guest…

  1. brunsli says:

    You’re 6’1″? No wonder you’re always complaining abut short men – LOL! I always wanted to be >6′.I’m glad one of your collection of __ hair ties is working for you. If you like the smaller bar, try mixing and matching with the other __ circle pieces you have so you can still use them all.

  2. Michelle! Your hair is growing! OMG the pix with the hair ties are sooooo cute! and that plate of choc and fruit looks DIVINE!Your hair is BOMB.I’m a permie who secretly wants to be natural but my conditioning has been conditioned!!Love the pix!!

  3. P.S. i have so many pictures of being in peoples armpits cause i’m all of 5’1…lol

  4. Brenda says:

    Your hair looks too cute and that tie is just right for it! And don’t make me have to come up there!!!

  5. Goodnapps says:

    That hairtie style is so cute. I love it.

  6. sunsail says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAGH!!!!Stacie, WTF are you doing in people’s armpits?? ROTFLMAO!!! I can’t even freakin’ tyoe straight!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!*deep breath**The mental image i just got was hilarious!!! Must be hard keeping your hair clean!! Who am I to laugh, though? I’m all fo 5’4″… see, that’s when you do the crouch so you’re not all up under people’s arm pits! ROTFLMAO!!!

  7. SistaLocd says:

    Your locs look very nice and that hair tie brings it all together!

  8. Madame says:

    GIMME THAT CHOCOLATE!!! I just got a craving looking at your pic. Darn yo!!!!Glad the hair is straight now so you can stop talking to it/urself 🙂

  9. Ree-C says:

    I love the style with the hair tie. Cute.

  10. Cluizel says:

    Brunsli – Lol. That’s so funny you say that…I remember I was holding onto 5’11 SOOO hard…I did not want to be over 6′. lol. Thanks for the suggestion!Stace – Thanks girl! Oh and I know…all of my pictures with you guys in college are with you all like that. Brenda, Tanya, SistaLocd & Ree-C – Thank you! Now if only may hair will grow so it can look like all of yours. lol.Sunsali – You’re a nut. lol.Madam – As much as I loved my ballad to myself, I am glad its over. And I LOVE chocolate…I think someone else is coming to visit this weekend so now I get to “drag” them there too! Yum…

  11. cheleskilove says:

    ahhhh the tie looks SOOOO good on you!HU!

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