6 years?!?

YUP! I have committed to not cutting my locks until my 30th birthday/6 year anniversary. Since I was locked 2 days after my 24th birthday…they are almost the same thing. And it just sounds cute. Lol.

I really think I would be one of those people to grow their hair until they stepped on it…but I have to be realistic…there is only but so much I can get away with at a Fortune 10 company in the financial district…hair to my knees may be a little excessive. Lol. BUT…I do want to let my hair get to my lower back before I cut it…and after seeing QuietSpirit, Brenda and Leighann’s hair stories…I think it could happen in 6 years.

Mom is so not gonna be one of those people…she said shoulder length is all she is willing to put up with…silly Mommy.

So we shall see…it’ll be cute to see what all the current haters will say once I get some length…

And speaking of the haters…here is an excerpt from an email I sent my girl Stace

Jerk 1: (ex)
“I miss you hair…I loved your hair”
“I still have hair…”
“No I miss your old hair…I liked playing with it”
“So what’s wrong with my hair now?”
“Its short”
“It’s not that damn short! And its healthier and softer now”
“Its not soft”
“How do you know?!? You haven’t even seen me since I cut it”
“I just miss your hair”

Right…ok…and then the subject of natural hair came up and he was like:
“yeah…I don’t really like that nappy s**t”…”
“EXCUSE ME?!? Last time I checked your a** was nappy too…”

I think I ended that convo almost immediately…

Jerk 2: (used to like me in college)

So he calls me Friday and tried to talk to me about why I cut my hair for like 15 minutes!!! Excuse me…I know my hair may be interesting…but not that damn interesting. “Yes I cut my hair…no I don’t care if you like it or not…How are you?!? Can we not talk about my hair? Thanks…”

Jerk 3: (had one great date and one alright one 2 years ago before I moved)

I told him what I did with my hair and he begged for a picture. OH! So you need a picture before you can decide whether we should go on a date again…yeah ok whatever. So I told him where to go…

Jerk 4: (kinda dated in college)

“Do you care if hair is short or not”
“Nah…as long as it looks good I don’t care”
“What about natural hair”
“Hmm….nah, I don’t get with the fruit and berries Erykah Badu s**t”


I had a synopsis of the whole felon security guard situation…but it is normal Clu-speak which isn’t really blog appropriate. I am a New Yorker you know!


11 thoughts on “6 years?!?

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Oh my. I guess it’s a harder acceptance for the guys who liked you for your permie look. But based on my observation, guys and the other naysayers usually come around to liking it the closer it gets to shoulder length. I haven’t had to deal with this kind of negativity from guys. My ex and I broke up right before I got locked. Although we were together when I did the big chop. lol – maybe that’s why he got out sooner than later. So for anybody I meet now, it’s WYSIWYG. I guess that’s why I am really vibing MJB’s new song “Accept me as I am.”

  2. sunsail says:

    Wow… just…wow.At any rate (and tell me to butt out), WHY on EARTH are you still taking to jerks you dated years ago???I, like Tanya, have not encountered this type of negativity either. My ex bf, who I was with for 3 years, thought my hair was the most fascinating thing this side of the world. Any time I would take my hair down, he would take a coil (he called them “springies”) and stretch them and say, “boing, boing, boing!!” ROTFLMAO!!! He was white, obviously. Even now, he still does it.

  3. Cluizel says:

    Tanya – I feel you. All of these people have not seen my hair in person…and they probably never will. (HA!) I have also gotten a lot of compliments from guys so…so I think these are just a few…(wow, I can’t think of a nice word) :)Sunsali – You know…they didn’t show their jerk side until a few weeks ago. I guess we never had the relaxed vs. natural convo because it wasn’t an issue back then…who knew they were so…damn…i can’t think of a nice word again. lol. Funny that you say that, my white male friends think my hair is the coolest thing…Goodness…who knew hair was that important?!? Not everyone has been an ass…but I was taken aback by their…damn…nice word escapes me again! lol.

  4. SistaLocd says:

    I see you ran across a lot of jerks lately. Good luck with the six years, it will probably go by fast. I’m sure you can do it!

  5. Cluizel says:

    Thanks SistalocdYou know Sunsali! I just realized…the found me! The first one I am still friends with…the other 3 just popped out of the blue and me, being very straight forward, just came right out and asked them. lol. Bet they won’t come looking for me anymore. lol.

  6. Jerk #1 is the LAAAAAAAST person who should be talking!!!!! OMG, I remember his cornrows that looked like they were locking up! CORNROWS!! No ma’am!!!and that Erykah Badu $#!t…wow. Men are so simple. Stupid and simple. You know you look good, i know you look good, who else matters?! LOL

  7. Tra says:

    Just be sure not to internalize their negativity. You know you are a flyy girl!

  8. Cluizel says:

    Stace – that’s what i am saying!!! I should have said something REALLY smart when he said that nappy comment…someone gets a ceasar and they get all gassed. Negroes…Tra – Thanks! These are just a few jerks, the people who love my hair more than out number these weirdos!

  9. brunsli says:

    My AA friend I. was really against my locks. He liked me in braids and with relaxed hair and was quite concerned about me locking my hair, as only an self-entitled AA man really can be. About a year ago, he gave me the big pronouncement — my hair looks better than ever. An AA ex-bf of mine really likes it too. And, if you shouldn’t be talking to exes, neither should I, but we’re both old & married, so it doesn’t matter anyway.You know, I never thought I’d let my hair grow real long either, but recently I’ve changed my mind. It’s not as if I can really blend into a crowd of patent attorneys anyway!

  10. CloudNine says:

    I thought about SL’s for three years. When I got my test locks in( the first time) about two years ago an ex said that they would not be professional and would not go over in the work world. He was not a Jerk he was just blinded by his own self-doubt,fear and ignorance. Perhaps the Jerks need to take a look in the mirror.Your hair is beautiful. I am glad you dropped the negative Jerks!

  11. LOL… I dnt think I have laughed so hard, this is one of the reasons why I try not to mention exes on my blog, too much ignorance!

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