Trina…Michelle…OH! Trichelle…lol **UPDATED**

So at least I know one thing…it wasn’t my Sisterlocks keeping the tall men away…they just aren’t in NY anymore! Are they all hiding in law school with Brunsli?!? Do I need to go to the Netherlands?

Well even in my full Trina gear…the tall men…forget that…tall people were no where to be found. Are short men taking over the world?!? I am WAY over average height for females so I expect that…but the men too?!? Not even like I am looking for a boyfriend…I enjoy the company of other tall people…and hugging short guys is just awkward. (UGH! Ill….) I never expect to come across another female as tall as I am and we can become the best of friends and attack the clubs together…(wow…that would be fun!)

So I didn’t take any pictures in my full gear…the nails confused me and the eyebrows…yeah, that just wasn’t gonna happen. lol. So the only thing missing is my makeup and my “diamonds”…I just wore jeans and a shirt so the outfit wasn’t a big deal…I figured the wig, eyes and “diamonds” would be enough..

Oh…and would you believe my Grandma loved this look? LOL…silly silly Grandparents. But I am happy to report I am back to normal now…but it was interesting…

UPDATE: I decided to put on the full Trina one last time…today is my day to do my facial scrub…so why not. Slightly annoyed that my mother thought it was adorable and whinned because I wouldn’t let her take a picture…ugh…old people. “Trichelle” and Picasa…never to be seen again!

And that is all…


11 thoughts on “Trina…Michelle…OH! Trichelle…lol **UPDATED**

  1. brunsli says:

    That’s a pretty scary look!You should have moved to NYC a lot earlier. My cousin Baker is 6’9″ but now it’s too late; he’s married now.What was life like as a blue-eyed blonde?

  2. Cluizel says:

    It was interesting…My wig almost blew off a few times…and I couldn’t see anything since the contacts were not prescription…so I’ll say it was uncomfortable. lol. And since people walk around looking like that all the time, I think people only knew I was in a costume because I was covered in “diamonds” lol.6’9? I don’t think I have seen anyone that tall in forever…well I did see a guy that was 6’10 in Brooklyn in July ::sigh:: lol.

  3. Cluizel says:

    I still don’t know how I look so transparant when I have blond hair and I look brown when I am normal…Hmmm…:)

  4. Goodnapps says:

    Michelle..I am scaared of you LOL.Is that the same Grandma that practically cursed your new permie chop? She is consistent if so.

  5. Cluizel says:

    Lol. The one and only! If Nana is anything…its consistent. lol.

  6. (mouth open)=0MICHELLE!!!! I can’t believe this!!!!!!!!1 Oh this is good! and why do your peeps like this look so much?!!? LMAO!!! You’re a nut!!

  7. Cluizel says:

    Lol…Stace I have NO idea. heavily medicated? Non-prescription drug use? I look I should be on “Flavor of Love” or something. LMAO.And I did my make up JUST like that Saturday night. Lol. But it was SO fun

  8. Cluizel says:

    Lol. Don’t worry! I really know how to put on make up for real for real! lol.

  9. sunsail says:

    Speaking of tall men,I was hanging out with this guy who was 6’3″. Now I THOUGHT I liked tall men (the taller the better), but since I’m 5’4″, there IS such a thing as too tall. At one point over the weekend, I was standing right beside him, and he looked around and said, “Where’s sunsail?” All the while I’m looking up at him like, “Down here, you fool!” When he FINALLY does look DOWN, he’s like, “Oh, THERE you are!!”I mean, really.

  10. Cluizel says:

    Lol…I tease my short friends like that too.Wait…are you hiding all the tall men Sunsali?!? Let me find out…

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