I finally did it!

So I was doing my daily Saturday wake-up blog reading catch up…I was looking at Sunsali’s blog about her first retightening session…and it made me remember something that happened at the lock conference… (by now you know I love convo reenactments!)

Vendor – Oh…your hair is nice. Is that Sisterlocks?
Me – Yes it is
Vendor – Oh! Did you get them done here today?

::WHOA!!! are my babies that young looking?::

Me – No…actually I have had them for a little over 3 months

So I decided to look over my months of blogging…because everyone (My favorite bloggers!) say that they can see a difference…maybe the vendor just didn’t know what brand new Sisterlocks look like? I dunno…


5 thoughts on “I finally did it!

  1. Mzcka says:

    Hey MichelleI do believe we were locked by the same person… Paulette. She is a very nice person.

  2. Tra says:

    Ok the vendor DEFINITELY is not in “the know” on SL’s (lol). Surely you can see the difference with this collage?

  3. Cluizel says:

    mzcka – Paulette! I love her. I thought I recognized her floor. lol. You’re in great hands! Tra – Thank you! That comment that day almost deflated my little bubble. lol. I can finally see it…and the strange things is I didn’t even notice it had changed so much.

  4. wow. hu-MONGO difference!!!! Why was vendor there and had no knowledge of SL’s??? even your hair color changed! you’re so natural now and you hair is so much thicker and on and on and on!

  5. Cluizel says:

    yeah…I dunno how my hair color changed. lol. I noticed that…That particular vendor had tradional locks so I guess she just had no idea…but I didn’t buy any earrings from her after she said that. lol

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