He strikes again…

Ok…so some of you may remember my post about my coworker who got the Roots confused with BEP. (Just in case anyone is confused…click on their names…they look so similar don’t they?!?)

Well…I ran to Best Buy to buy the special edition of the Hi-Tek album. So naturally I have the CD with me at work and I am listening to it while I slave away over a hot calculator. So…homey who sits around the corner walks up…

“Whatcha listening to?”
“Oh…the new Hi-Tek”
“Hi tech? Oh like techno?”

He then proceeds to make a house music like noise and starts to dance…

“No no…like Hi-Tek the producer?!? You know…remember with Talib Kweli…Reflection Eternal?!?”


So…I changed the subject to save him…sigh…what is wrong with the world today?!? If I said I was listening to Jim Jones he probably would have broke into the chorus of “we fly high” with the “baller” arm motion and everything…or even worse (dare I say it) “Chicken Noodle Soup” (it’s even gotten to the white people now!!!)…sigh

Oh…and since I have been gone there were many blogs I wanted to write and I was too lazy or too busy at work to do them…some titles of these blogs that lay on the cutting room floor are:

“Martin Luther – The father of my unborn child” – How I went to go see Martin Luther by myself…had a fabulous time. And how he remembered me from myspace…and his shout out to Stace.

“Where do all the tall men go? What club they hang at?” – My just ramblings about short men invading the clubs…and how they seem to follow me. (Argh!!!)

“Notice: No bail money available here and I WILL snitch” – adventures meeting a new guy…finding out he has an outstanding bench warrant and has been in jail for a few days every year since 1995.

…which would be promptly followed by

“Oh Lord why me?!?” – self explanatory.


4 thoughts on “He strikes again…

  1. Brenda says:

    Watching that Chicken noodle soup video was excruciating! But I have to admit, the song is cute in a very bad way! And my daughter fell to pieces when I showed her I could do the dance. DO NOT expect the video of that!

  2. Cluizel says:

    Awww…I am sure everyone would love to see that! :)I haven’t even attempted to do the dance yet…kinda makes me rethink moving to Harlem… 🙂

  3. DYING!!!!!!!!Michelle! I can’t WAIT to read those posts!!! OMG, you are tooooooo funny!!been to jail every few years???? going to jail isn’t as non-chalant as say….dyeing you hair every few years!!! OMG!!!!ML- i would so have his baby! right now. no degree, no job, i don’t care! lolOh Lord why me!?!?!? TOO MUCH Michelle!!!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Stace – Lol. You know I can be a little dramatic. 🙂

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