Forgive me bloggers…

Ok…update time! I have been slipping…

1. Still have not posted pics from Philadelphia (poo)

2. I have no posted anything hair related in a while.
– I have gotten my hair tightened and washed yesterday (THANK YOU! Whoooooo!!!) I think I took a before and after pic…and they look almost the same from the back. Yes…scalp visibility isn’t even a worry….my scalp has officially left the building.
– That whole hair standing up…yeah…its not doing it anymore!!! Just when I fell in love with it! Before all I had to do was shake my head and it stood up…NOW it takes a minute or two of cajoling for it to stand up. Boo…and where do you think you are going?!? (Hair must be a man!) lol…joking
– I think I missed out on watching some of the locking process when I had the relaxed ends…I thought my hair hadn’t done anything….but no…I already passed the phase I thought I wasn’t in yet…excuse me?!? How can I be so out of touch with my hair and its on my head?!?

3. SS’s hair
– She got her first retightening yesterday…her hair…yeah…really isn’t doing much of anything at all. Her hair will look like little twists/braids for a while. Poor Mom (hehehehe) Kidding!

4. Horrible CD purchase…(this is the worst part!)
So I am in Best Buy with my friend Ian and he picks up Lupe Fiasco and asks if he should buy it.

“Sure…you buy it, play it in the car and then I’ll know if I should buy it”
“But what do I get out of it?”
“First exclusive purchase rights?!?”
“No…what if the album sucks?”
“Well…now you have a coaster”
“No…you should buy something…How about Diddy”
“Excuse me?!? You know how I feel about that!!!”
“Well I heard it’s not really all him…its more of a showcase for all of the artists that are on the album too”

So I pick up the CD and see that there is a guest on every song…some artists I really love. Then I remember his ghostwriters are some of my favorites…Hmmm


Ugh…so we get in the car and I pop in Diddy. I listen to the single that is already out…and then I explore. Ugh…I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit…his voice just annoys me. It takes just one “Uh huh…yeah…Bad Boy” and I already know I made a horrible mistake. CD out…hasn’t been back in since Saturday afternoon. I am debating whether to sell it on ebay, give it another chance or incorporate some elastic and horn to use it as a stylish hair tie.

Four month anniversary is on Wednesday so I hope to have my act together by then! Really I do! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Forgive me bloggers…

  1. YAY!!!!!! I missed Michelle!!I don’t want your hair to be a man! That is the funniest thing i’ve heard in a long time!!!! OMG!! LOL!! My hair is a saddity b!tch who does what she wants when she wants to. diddy. i didn’t even know he had a new album till i saw ‘play’ in wal-mart. no thanks. i will not be contributing to the evil bad boy empire. take that take that take that.

  2. Cluizel says:

    LMAO…gotta love the “take that take that take that.” Lol…i was laughing at my desk like a damn idiot. :)Hopefully my purchase of Hi=Tek last week will cover up for my poor judgment…

  3. Michelle,Missed your blogging….I think my hair is so similar to yours with the 7-8 inches of relaxed ends, I keep looking at your blog pictures to picture me BCing my relaxed ends in 3 mos. (01.01.07 to be exact.) I can not imagine myself dealing with these ends for another 6 mos………

  4. Cluizel says:

    Thanks! I didn’t think anyone would notice. :)You have way more hair than I did…I don’t know if you are as lazy as I am…but I just couldn’t do it. lol. When I first go my Sl’s chopping the ends before a year wasn;t even an option…but I realized how thick my natural hair is and that…well…its hair…it will grow back…I was so ready to get rid of it. And my consultant chopped hers off at 3 months too…that helped too.

  5. Chi-chi says:

    I feel you. I am not impressed with the Diddy songs on the radio. The poor man is out of touch with the sound of real music. BTW, your hair is lookin’ beautiful!

  6. Cluizel says:

    Thank you Chi-Chi!My cousin said he wanted to buy Diddy and I insisted that he take my copy! 1. I get that CD out of my collection, and 2. less money to support Diddy. Score! lol

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