Gimme my shine back!!! ::snatch::

Wait…lemme stop playing. There is no snatching of anything from SS…I will never be that old. Lol.

Yesterday was the first day I spazzed about my short hair. Just out of nowhere I felt like I looked like a boy and I was having a fat day…so I wasn’t in a great mood. Let’s have a reenactment…

Security Guard: Good Afternoon Michelle. Have a Great Day!
Me: What the f*&^ you say to me?!?
SG: What?
Me: Don’t what me n*%%@! You tryin to start beef?
SG: What?!?
Me: Say what again! I dare you…say what again! ::taking off earrings::

But I am happy to report I am in a better mood today. 🙂

I ran into my friend Kiyon on the train so I had someone to talk to on the way to Grand Central. Just as we were about to pull in the train station I felt a tap on my shoulder…

Not me: Excuse me…what is that you are doing with your hair
Me: Oh, I have Sisterlocks. (looks at her hair…she has them too!)
NM: I thought so!
Me: Oh! I thought you had them too! How long have you had them?
NM: Three months
Me: Me too!
NM: I thought they were Sisterlocks…your hair is so thick I wasn’t sure…they are gonna be so beautiful
Me: Aww…thank you. I’m just waiting for them to grow. (laughs)
NM: (laughs) Well have a great day! (smile)
Me: You too! (smile)

I had seen her before on Monday and I wanted to ask…but my first interaction left me somewhat scarred (ugh) so I didn’t say anything. But YEAH! Yippe! Score for me!

Kiyon and I walked out of the train together and he was amazed…

K: It’s like a damn sorority!
M: Boo…hush
K: You guys should get decoder rings and a handshake
M: Maybe we could have a big light that we project in the sky with the Sisterlocks logo like Thundercats and have a chant!
K: Well…you couldn’t go “Sisterlocks, Sisterlocks, Sisterlocks, Ho!” Lol
M: Good point…lol

(Hmmm…I wonder if anyone who didn’t watch cartoons in the early 80’s will get that?)

Oh..and SS had a hair touching day yesterday. I guess I have to give kudos to her coworkers for waiting over a week to ask to touch her hair. lol.

NOTE: I hate camera phones! Why do I look maroon?!? LMAO. I took this pic last night to send to my friends because I was whining that I looked like a boy. lol.


14 thoughts on “Gimme my shine back!!! ::snatch::

  1. OMG, this is the third time i’m trying to leave a comment!!!! i don’t even remember what I worte but a LMAO was in there somewhere…

  2. Tra says:

    You be nice to the Security Guard (lol)…he may be a secret fan of yours and you must take care of your public (-:You don’t look like a boy and your hair looks great without the stringy creamy crack strands hanging on to it (hope that helps!).

  3. Brenda says:

    I can’t read you and keep a straight face – you’re too much! I’m assuming that Not Me wasn’t Lint Girl? Anyway, having someone comment on how nice your hair looks really makes your day. Get used to it – soon it’s be happening a few times a day!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Stace – Awwww…that sucks! What’s going on with blogger?Tra – Thanks! I don’t know what came over me yesterday…I like my hair again. 🙂 The security guards here are actually nice…I just wasted/spent a lunch hour talking to one…and then I saw him smoking after I grabbed food…back to the drawing board!Brenda – Gracias! Oh…yeah NM wasn’t Lint lady. I think I am still annoyed at lint lady…I dunno if I would talk to her. (Grr)Multiple compliments a day? Oh!!! Like SS is getting already?…lol. That would be nice. 🙂

  5. Cluizel says:

    But…I must give the security guard credit. he hasn’t seen me since I cut my hair and he didn’t even blink…

  6. Goodnapps says:

    honey, I was just telling somebody else, it’s apart of the journey. Lord, knows I been in many a funk. The Lord sent you your pick me up just when you needed it. I don’t think you look like a boy at all. But where are your earrings? You must never forget to wear the earrings.

  7. Cluizel says:

    I know…I am so lazy. I took out my conservative work earrings so I could wear my cute weekend earrings (that usaually graze my shoulder) and I just didn’t put anything back in wow…and its almost the weekend again.Ugh…I am glad that funk only lasted a day…

  8. sunsail says:

    Tooo freakin’ funny!!!! LMAO!!!

  9. DollFace says:

    LMAO at the showdown with the security guard!But don’t despair…just think of how fly you will be in a few months when they’re at the length you want them to be.Shout outs to a fellow Pirate!! Found you through Miss Kutieboots

  10. Chi-chi says:

    What! I thought I heard the Sisterlocks chant, I’m on my way! Tee hee, I guess I am a member of SLS (Sistah Locks Sistahs). I’m lovin’ your locks and your blog (:

  11. Cluizel says:

    Sunsali – Thanks! :)Dollface – (I love I love I love my HIU!) Thanks for visiting! I wish I could just fast forward to see what they will look like…ughChi-chi – Thank you! We need to start making that chant a reality. lol.

  12. cheleskilove says:

    whats up fellow alum? I’m a part of DY-NASTY C/O!glad to see you on this board!I’m watching!lol!

  13. Cluizel says:

    I love I love I love my H-I-U!!! :)yeah…I thought I was all alone! 🙂

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