Rats nest? What?…my hair looks like the subway?!? lol

So…I am not sure if I mentioned this but I never really explained to anyone in my family besides SS (shine stealer aka Mom) and my brother what I was doing to my hair. My Nana (Grandmother) is used to me changing my hair all the time so when she saw my early Sisterlocks with relaxed ends she probably didn’t think anything of it…

So SS asked me if I had been downstairs to see Nana…of course I hadn’t so SS headed downstairs so I decided to go too…love Nana to death but she is more tolerable when SS and I act as buffers for each other (older people seem to think they can just say any old thing once they reach a certain age).

So for you to understand here is a little family history. Nana’s father was…well we don’t know exactly what he was…but he had blue eyes and “slick” hair…so you can imagine what my Nana looks like. But…all of Nana’s 9 brothers & sisters married “negroes” so that slick hair stuff MAY pop up occasionally in their children and grandchildren…but not so much. Nana’s kids were no exception…

Yup…that’s my Nana and Grandfather in 1946 before the SS was born. (You see her hair…yeah…she got that look by brushing and putting in a pin or two…that’s it!) The SS got her father’s hair and my uncle got my Nana’s hair (which only pissed him off in the 70’s when his afro…well…wasn’t, lol) So…then here comes the SS and she meets my Dad and they have two fly children!

Oh…don’t let the light skin fool you…my Dad’s hair is nappay!…which is great now because now I have thick “strong” hair which seems to be very compatible with Sisterlocks…my brother keeps his head shaved…as if being 6’5 isn’t enough to attract attention to yourself…(ugh)

Ok…back to the story…so SS and I go downstairs to talk to Nana…I just sit while I listen to the same kind of granparent chatter…how many bananas she bought…who didn’t bring enough OJ to supply the Nurses Unit for 3 church services…but we have to listen because they are our grandparents. So I am sitting scross from my Nana on a stool with my head down because I have a headache…and then (I knew this was coming)…my Nana (I knew it would happen…I just didn’t know when) said “What are you doing with your hair? I see men like that on the street like that with all the nappy mess on their head…I wouldn’t pay anyone anything to make my hair look like that…it looks like a bird’s nest..no…it looks like a rats nest!!!” So I just look at the SS…

And she is rolling her eyes…(there were interjections from SS and I during my Nana’s ranting but it really didn’t matter)…so SS and I both got up and came back upstairs where we immediately broke out laughing. Oh I am so glad SS is doing this with me…she kept trying to reassure me that I made the right decision but I had to tell her…I am ok…I KNEW this would happen…she doesn’t have our hair texture she will not understand…

Nevertheless…I LOVE my Nana to death…but she sure knows how to clear a room out. lol. She’ll come around…and if she doesn’t…isokay, I love her anyway! I just hope I am around when Nana has a fit about SS’s hair when it matures some more. lol.

No…I didn’t just get popped (I was an angel) lol…We were on our way to church and Nana had just finished doing my hair. I was annoyed (ugh)…SS was taking the picture and I wanted to go to her. šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Rats nest? What?…my hair looks like the subway?!? lol

  1. Ulla says:

    LOVELY pictures!

  2. Tra says:

    Awww great post! I could picture every moment of it and could hear your Nana talking to (lol)!

  3. LMAO!!!! “A bird’s nest…no a RATS NEST!”?? word nana?!?!?! OMG that is huh-larious! Olderpeople ALWAYS have something to say, I swear!that pic of mr wilder and his two fly children is BOMB! look at baby Michy with the CRAZY smile! sooo cute!and you look real annoyed in the last pic!!! LMAO! i love the post and pics!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Ulla – Thanks…that’s kinda why I love being back in NY…until I annoyed my Mom my album had been MIA for years.Tra – Thanks! Lol…I think SS told my brother and my brother fussed at Nana so i think she is a little embarassed now. :)Stace – Yup…I been makin funky ass faces for over 22 years now. lol. I think I was almost 2…or 1 and a half…hmmm…oh well. My Mom told me yesterday that I have smiled the exact same way since I was 6 months old…ugh…cause that’s really sexy now that I am 24. lol.

  5. Tra says:

    I think your 6’5 bald head brother/we deserve a picture on your blog….after all he did fuss at Nana for you…whaddaya say (lol)???

  6. Maryee says:

    Girl,I love Nana’s cause they’s honest in their own unadulterated way! Now you know she loves you. It’s just tough for folks from her generation (most of em’) to accept their natural selves. It’s hard to unbrainwash that old way of thinking. The pictures are adorable. Thanks for sharing. And by the way, Dad would love for Jen and me to “change” our hair, but it’s funny how they don’t complain about us having horse hair on our heads, but quake when we are in our natural state. Deep huh? Take care!!Maryee

  7. Brenda says:

    Gotta love the elders! Then go do what you want! BTW, are you bringing SS? Love to have her.

  8. Cluizel says:

    Tra – Lol…I’ll see what I can find. He isn’t camera shy at all so I am sure that won’t be a problem.Maryee – Thanks! That’s so funny…because my Nana loved my weave. lol.Brenda – Yes…I have mastered the “nod your head…smile” lol. SS has a baby shower to go to (ugh) so she can’t make it. šŸ˜¦

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