Hmm…so we meet again.

So yesterday as I was going to work on the train reading my book by Michael Eric Dyson …listening to UGK on my ipod (I know…doesn’t make ANY damn sense) and I kept catching myself touching my hair and looking at my reflection in the train window (I know…its sad). So the train gets to Grand Central and I make my usual dash to the subway…oh but wait what do I see? Is that? No it can’t be…yup…2 heads of Sisterlocks walk/running to the subway in front of me! (Although I carry my camera around like LaChanda now ๐Ÿ™‚ I was walking way too fast and I am SO not coordinated enough to get it out of my purse) So one of the Sisterlock wearers was too far away…so I only got to see her before she ran down the stairs…but the woman who was almost walking alongside me…wait…I recognize that lint! (being evil) I have seen those locks before! Wait…no…it can’t be? So as I pass her (long legs can be fun) I glance at her face…

WOW…in a city of millions how do I run into this person again? In case you don’t remember my post a few weeks ago I met a woman on the subway with Sisterlocks that didn’t realize that I had them as well. Well here I am…now with my short lock fro and I run into the same woman again…

Hmmm…what to do? Well…the only thing a late NY commuter rushing for the train would do…absolutely nothing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did catch her looking at me out of the side of my eye as I passed her but hey! I had a train to catch. ๐Ÿ™‚ She wasn’t that friendly the first time anyway…

OH! So at lunch time two coworkers and I went to lunch by South Street Seaport…but there was a little street fair thing going on. So as much as I love “street meat” we decided to get real food for lunch but on the way back I knew I wanted a zeppole. So zeppoles in hand…walking back to the office we pass this massage booth…so 1. not really feelin the whole fresh air massage in the middle of the street thing and 2. yeah no… So one of the ladies who does massages reaches out to me and is like “You…massage…now?” and I am just like “No thanks”…(mind you I am walking in between my two coworkers and she is talking directly to me…so she is reaching over someone to talk to me) and then she is like “No please…massage….you…now?”…”no no…that’s ok”…so she continues to protest some more…but by that point my paitence was wearing thin and I was confused…why are you bothering only me when there are two other people with me?!? I think its a conspiracy! She just wanted to try and touch my hair!!! haha! Your plans are foiled! back up!…but then I came home and I was searching the net and I read an article on No Lye about how the author when into a beauty supply store and the Asian owner demanded to know where she bought her hair from…and THEN I noticed that I needed to get my eyebrows done…so somehow all of that mixed together and I had a dream last night (no b/s)…

So…I wandered over to the eyebrow threading studio to get my eyebrows done before I go to Philly. So the eyebrow artist tells me that the eyebrow service now includes a scalp massage that stimulate hair growth…well i dunno what happened but all I know is that a small section of my hair became silky straight in the middle of my locks…when I tell you I had a fit in my dream…”Oh my goodness!!! What did you do! Khumura is going to have a fit!!” Wow…a dream about hair…getting pissed off because my hair is straight…no more “What Not to Wear” before bedtime…


3 thoughts on “Hmm…so we meet again.

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Wow. What an interesting story. I wouldn’t have bothered to say anything to her again either.

  2. 1) what’s a zeppole?2) i’d ignore her ass as well (“i recognize that lint” LMAO!!!!)3) “she just wanted to try and touch my hair, haha!!!” I can soooooooooo hear you with your victorious, “HaHA!” 4) threading is a bitc# =(

  3. Cluizel says:

    Thanks you two! I thought I was being evil…but I am glad you wouldn’t say anything either.Answers to Stace’s question:1) Fried dough in shape of little balls with powdered sugar…kinda like a funnel cake in taste…just in bite size fluffy pieces2) :)3) Lol..4) Ugh…and I have to do it like every two weeks…

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