You CANNOT tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese!!!

So my hair filling in…Its been a week…hmmm I wonder if there have been any changes? I do know one thing…up close it does looks loc-ish and from far away it looks like I have an afro…no no no…not locs…not even braids…but an afro?

So…I was wondering…”Hmmm…I wonder how many Sisterlocks I have? Maybe I don’t have enough? Mom has so many and they look so small…maybe…maybe…” And then after I decided I didn’t want to make myself crazy and I decided…you know what…I’ll just count them.

I have been saying I was going to count them for two weeks now. The SS (Mom) said she would help…but she always tries to cheat…you cannot section my head off into 4 sections, count the rows down and the rows across multiply…add…and hope you get the right answer, lol. So as much as I wanted help…yeah fine no whatever…I’ll do it myself. It didn’t even take that long at all…I just popped in the Boondocks DVD and within one episode I had sectioned my head into little clusters of 20…and the final count is…

Paulette said that I probably had about 600…and then Khumura said that I probably had about 400. Well lets do a quick average and…boom…there you go.

So I have a good amount of Sisterlocks in my head…and my hair looks like a mini fro from far away…wait its only been 3 months…how big is my hair going to be?!? Oh goodness…ok now I have to take a picture…

Day 1Day 7

Wait…maybe my friend wasn’t buttering me up to borrow money?!? Nothing drastic though…


6 thoughts on “You CANNOT tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese!!!

  1. can you woo woo woo??LMAO!!!!!!!!!they’re supposed to look like locs right? (they do!) I’m sure after a couple of months, when you have some length and of course weight to them, they won’t be so…afro-ish. Is puffy-like a better term? I unno

  2. I think your hair looks great. It is so thick and black. I think I am going to Big Chop also after about 3 months. I have about 2 inches of natural hair and 6-7 inches of relaxed hair. Pray for me!!!!! I am getting locked 10.09.06

  3. Cluizel says:

    Stace – Lmao. I know you remember that time freshman year on the porch of Kennedy Hall you, Kyle and I were singing some Jeffrey Osbourne and dancing around like we had no damn sense. lol.Oh how I hope so…although this little loc fro I have is cute…and MUCh better than the stringy relaxed end look I had. nappytexangirl – thank you! I know you can’t wait until the 9th! If your hair is really think and takes to locking…you will probably want to chop the relaxed ends off like I did. lol. After a while it just looks silly…

  4. Cluizel says:

    opps…I meant thick. lol

  5. Goodnapps says:

    513 is pretty good. I never made it to 400. I was sad for a hot second and then perked up when some of my lock idols didn’t have 400 either. Now I can’t even imagine where there would be any more room for more locks on my head. A lock that’s only a few strands thick? No way. I must have a very tiny head.The fro look can be a downer sometimes. But I’m over it. So it gets better. I see all of you lock complaints now being identical to what mine were/are.

  6. Cluizel says:

    I think I only have so many because I have a big head. lol. No really…I do have a big head…I think I have medium…smallish size Sisterlocks…I couldn’t imagine them any smaller…I would never even think of retightening them on my own…I noticed that too…but even the few complaints I have don’t compare to how I felt with processed hair…so I’ll just have to deal. 🙂

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