Mom update & miscellaneous babble

Gag…I meant to blog about my Mom’s first day back at work but I was actually busy at work. (HA) The downtime that happens when you start a new job, because you don’t know anything and don’t have access to anything, seems to have multiplied now that I am at a much larger corporation…and insurance companies are just slow anyway. My last company had about 6,000 employees when I started…we had a merger…and now I believe they may have almost doubled to about 10,000. So a week and a half of downtime? Ok…fine. But now I am at a company with about 96,000 employees worldwide…so it seems the downtime has multiplied…which was fine at first…but after about week 4 it just became plain annoying. So I did a lot of work this week because I FINALLY have access to the A/R and the shared drives…but since I was hired to work on a special project that is really messy (HA! Accountants have special projects?) now I am just waiting people to respond to my emails. Opps…I just got one I needed! (I am so serious…I got my email notification as soon as I typed it…lol) And now I promise to never mention my boring job again…lol…clearly something is wrong with me…I enjoy sitting at a desk most of the day messing with numbers and spreadsheets…

So…Mommy just went back from a two week vacation. She got her Sisterlocks done the first week of her vacation so she had time to get used to them before she went to work. Well…Mom told me there were a lot of women with locs at her job…there is even a doctor with Sisterlocks. So when Mom went back Monday…all of the AA women knew exactly what she had. All of the other women just asked a lot of questions (Mom said the most popular question was “How are you going to take all of that out? It’s so small!”).

Her boss has traditional locs that are past her waist and another coworker has traditional locs that supposedly almost dust the floor…but she keeps them piled on top of her head. (Ouch…I would think) AND someone at her job wants Sisterlocks now too and is going to set up a consultation…SHE’S DOING IT AGAIN!!! Damn…can I get my shine on please? Where’s my 15 minutes?!? Oh I know…Mom took them! So you just think you can take a half hour and I get nothing?!? That’s ok…I see how you do Mom!

I digress…

This weekend is Mom’s birthday…so instead of going to Baltimore or going to NYC and not resurfacing until Monday like I had planned I will stay local with “Mommy Shine Stealer” and help celebrate her birthday. That’s it…I will now refer to my Mom as “SS”…yup…that’s it.

One of my friends who saw me Friday and then saw me on Tuesday says that he swears my hair looks different to him. He said he couldn’t see any scalp at all and they actually look like “little dreads”. Ok…I know my hair should respond positively to the relaxed ends being cut…but so quickly?!? He must be looking to borrow some money…(lol)


4 thoughts on “Mom update & miscellaneous babble

  1. Tra says:

    I would love to see pics of your mom’s co-workers. You are wrong for calling her “mommy shine stealer” although it is funny!

  2. Goodnapps says:

    You are too funny indeed. Little dreads is very quite possible. I know.

  3. 1) you are such a hater!!!!!2) your hair does look soooooo much fuller and healthier and ‘happier’!!!! wow. y’all are seriously spreading the word! DOWN WITH RELAXERS!!!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Tra – I am going to have to bother Mom into taking some pictures…I want to see too! :)Tanya – Yup…I can’t remember what month it was for you…but my hair looks almost identical to yours. lol.Stace – I am a hater…lol. Boo…for some reason your hair is so thick and full and whatnot even when it is relaxed…poo. 🙂

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