Short Hair vs. Long Hair…a 3 day perspective

So in honor of my 3 month anniversary and the cutting or my relaxed hair…I thought I would just jot down the thoughts I have had since I cut my hair.

-The reaction has been mostly positive. I have gotten the most compliments from people of other races or other locked/natural or aspiring naturals. Or people pretend it never happened…maybe they really don’t notice almost 6 inches gone?

-When Khumura cut off my relaxed ends…she gathered them all off the floor and guess what…they fit into her hand! All of that relaxed hair fit in her hand…now considering how thick my natural hair is…that says a lot about chemicals.

-I have bought 6 pair of new dangly earrings since Thursday…which I can only wear them on the weekends…although I have always LOVE earrings…they are really important now.

-Satin pillowcases are really important. Khumura doesn’t want me to wrap my hair up at night…but this weekend I spent the night at on of my friend’s apartment in Manhattan…and I was really worried about my hair on a cotton pillow. Lol…I know…I am insane. So since I had to return to Century 21 (did you guys go there when you came to NY?) to buy my Mom some satin pillowcases…I bought an extra one for myself. Now I have to figure out how to fit it in my purse so I always have one ready for my “sleeping on someone’s couch/futon/floor because I missed the last train” night every weekend. Then I almost had a heart attack when I woke up because I thought a lock had unraveled…but I was holding two locks (missing a sandwich or two from my picnic basket perhaps?)

-The old dirty men whose stares make my skin crawl…ugh…no longer stare. SCORE! Nothing is worse than walking to the train in the morning and having someone old enough to be your father stop their car behind you to stare at you walking…then pull up stare at your face…stop again to watch you walk some more…go around the block…and then try to holla. (not over exaggerating) UGH! Damn! Don’t you have to change your Depends?!? ENUFF!

-The reactions from my black male friends have been mixed…well let me clarify…the gay ones LOVE my hair…the straight ones…unless they are into natural hair…not so much.

Here is a reenactment of a phone conversation I had last night with a male friend that lives in VA:
Me – “Hey”
W – “hey”
M – “What are you up to?”
W – “Nothin…just on the Internet”
(that’s when I know he saw my picture I added to myspace. Shh…I’m young…I have to be on myspace…it’s an age requirement)
M – ” Oh…have you been on myspace?”
W – “yeah”
M – “I guess you saw the picture”
W – “yeah…you cut your hair?”
M – “yeah”
W – “why would you do that”
M – “because I can”

Another one asked my Mom why she let me do that…WHOA! How old am I?
I guess my locks didn’t seem real to them until now…oh well. Wait…does that mean I won’t be dating until my hair grows out? (lol)

-Eyebrows must remain done at all times. 🙂

Thank goodness I made the decision for myself…

Happy Nappaversary to me! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Short Hair vs. Long Hair…a 3 day perspective

  1. Brenda says:

    Gurl, you are too funny! You’re gonna have me rolling at dinner!

  2. Goodnapps says:

    Happy Nappaversary lil sis!

  3. Cluizel says:

    Brenda – Lol…I’ll try not to embarass anyone. :)Tanya – Thank you! brenda was right…my hair looks a lot like yours did at 3 months…hmmm…:)

  4. Tra says:

    Your hair does remind me of Tanya’s and I loved her short locks…she called one look her “porcuppine” hair do but I thought it was jazzy. As for dating…you are a pretty girl so of course you will be dating through all the stages of your locks…the type of men may change though…that could be a GREAT THING!

  5. Michelle, you’ve always been funny but now this joy you are exuding is making me smile even more! I am so glad you love your hair and BUMP what dudes say! What do they know anyway? They can’t tell the difference btwn sage green and regular green anyway…

  6. Cluizel says:

    Tra – That’s what Khumura called it! lol. Thank you! :)A change in the type of men would be a FABULOUS thing. If any of my friends who have known me for years would agree. lol.Stacie – Awww…thanks Stace! The mixture of being back around my fam and old friends and my hair is just cool. :)When you put it like that we should just discredit everything they say! Shit…I almost do that now. 🙂

  7. Leighann says:

    Hey Girl,Got your comment about Khumura. You are very welcome. She is fabulous isn’t she?Your locks are too cute!

  8. Cluizel says:

    Thanks Leighann! 🙂

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