3 months!

YES! 3 month mark! Besides the obvious change 🙂 my hair has started locking. The past three months have been so great…I love my hair now. I have moved back to NY, started a new job, got Mom loc’d…fun fun fun. 🙂 Now I get to really enjoy my hair since it is finally all natural.

Paulette told me I had a lot of hair when I was locking because I told her it was thin when it was relaxed. Actually…I think she laughed when I said my hair was thin. lol. Now Khumura is telling me I should be prepared…because I am going to have a lot of hair…Oh I believe them now! lol. I don’t think I will have Brunsli or QuietSpirit thickness…or maybe like TRA or Tanya? but hey you never know. I haven’t had all natural hair in so long…who knows what I might get…hmmm…

And now to introduce my new friend…the regegade lock…”Hakeem”

Oh yes…I was in the mirror this morning…and I noticed there was lock trying to get my attention by standing straight on top of my head… OH! This is what everyone meant when they said short locks do what they want to do…lol. Well…I guess since I didn’t have a favorite lock before now…I suppose Hakeem wants to be my favorite lock. Well Hakeem…I’ll have to think about it. 🙂


9 thoughts on “3 months!

  1. brunsli says:

    Congrats on the three month mark! Your eyebrows are fab, by the way.

  2. Naturalist1 says:

    Congratulations. Your hair looks awesome.

  3. Goodnapps says:

    Very cute pic. You are definitely glowing in your photos now. You better be good to Hakeem right now. Your gonna miss him when he finally lays down.

  4. Cluizel says:

    Brunsli – Thank you! I already need to break out the tweezers…damn shame…lolNaturalist1 – Thank you!Tanya – Gracias! Hakeem lay down? never! 🙂 I really like how my hair stands up now…I might actually be a little sad when my hair starts to lay down.

  5. Tra says:

    You are such a NUT! I am over here laughing my butt off at you AND Hakeem….he is in it to win it girl…go head and make him your favorite!

  6. Goodnapps says:

    Oh you will miss the spiky stage. I do sometimes and I still make constant attempts to fluff it and keep some of the wild child look. Long lockers have warned me to savor the short stage, so I’ll pass it on to you.

  7. hakeem is huh-LAR-I-ous!!!!! Nigga’s always want all the attention…

  8. Cluizel says:

    Tra – 🙂 I suppose he can be. As long as he doesn’t try to stand all on top of my head at some weird time…then he will be demoted! :)Tanya – Thanks! I will! That is another reason why I cut it. Khumura was telling me about all of the cute stuff she did with her hair when it was this length and I really didn’t want to miss out on it…doesn’t seem like this stage lasts very long…Stacie – You see how men are?…can I get my shine on? First the relaxed ends then my Mom and now Hakeem? That’s some ol’ b/s… lol

  9. LMAO! MEN!!!! can i get my shine on?? LMAO!!!!

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