If the children I saw today are our future…I need to max out my 401(k)…j/k (sorta)

So I volunteered today with Boost Mobile Rock Corps with my best friend Kiyon. The deal is that you volunteer for 4 hours and then you get a ticket to a concert in Radio City Music Hall. Ok…I do community service without guaranteed rewards so sure I’ll do it…And Kanye was at the concert last year so why not?

Oh…but I know why. Kiyon and I are still relatively young (23 & 24) but…wow…I felt so old today. Ugh. I swing by Kiyon’s to pick him up and then I drive to Orchard Beach in the Bronx because we decided to do our 4 hours at the beach clean up. So…it starts at 11…but we have to do the whole registration process and t-shirt hand out and group introductions first. Kiyon and I make a nametag switch so we end up in the same group. The average age of the crowd is pretty young so we decided we didn’t want to be separated. After we get our project briefing and people are done screaming ‘Brooklyn son!” “Bx!” we separate. So our group leader wants us to intoduce ourselves, say where we are from and name something we eat for breakfast that isn’t breakfast food. So the first person starts…”Yo…my name is ___ aka Big Balla from the Bx…I wanna give a shout out…” Whoa wait…when did we start giving shoutouts in a group of 15 people?!? So that type of introduction was repeated a few times…then it came to me…oh what to say? “Michelle, Mount Vernon, Shrimp Fried Rice” (yeah…I was hot and annoyed) So then as we stand around after introductions Kiyon tries to understand how guys walk around with their pants below their butt and not trip…I have to remind him that if he didn’t figure that out after four years at MVHS…he just isn’t going to know. Then…we realized we graduated HS 6 years ago…we have known each other for 10 years…and these kids may not have been born around the time I was doing the running man to…well…every damn song. lol. Oh no! I am too young to feel old! (sigh)

So we finally get down to the beach…and Kiyon and I wander around the beach picking up cans and glass and what not…everything feels kind of normal…and then…we hear a rumbling sound…

WTF?!? my camera was in my car so I couldn’t take a picture…but a low flying bomber?!? In the Bronx?!? Remind me why I wanted to move back to NY again? Ok…I was about ready to go when I saw that…but everyone calmed down and got back to work.

So, Kiyon and I found a bunch of crap to pick up…so we spent like 45 minutes just cleaning about 10 yards of space. So of course I start sweating…and its like 80 degrees! So I was dripping…and it reminded me of a Mad TV parody of Whitney Houston because she was DRIPPING! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CumC5DAwJ8) So we started singing that…then Al. B. Sure…then old Christopher Williams…(we were all over the place) So then I suppose we scared the kids…oh well. The “old” people can have their moments too…

So after we collect 40 pounds of trash and I get a considerable tan…I decide it is time to go sit in the car for a few minutes…and when we get there…WTH?!? Get off my damn car!…(grrr…) Finally after a little bit more cleaning and standing around waiting…I finally got my tickets for a concert I don’t even think I want to go to anymore…ugh.


3 thoughts on “If the children I saw today are our future…I need to max out my 401(k)…j/k (sorta)

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Well did you make it to the concert and have a good time?

  2. Cluizel says:

    The concert is next weekend…I was so tired last night I didn’t even go to a party I was supposed to go to. :(I don’t even remember everyone who is going to be at the concert…but I know its no one that made me excited.

  3. Big Balla…from the BX? I’m scared. I don’t want ANYONE to throw nicknames in their intro! Signs of the times; we are getting old! I remember when I was from “PALM BEACH B!TC#”!!!! wow.

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