Mommy is halfway done!

After 8 hours with Khumura Mommy is halfway done! Of course I am so impatient I couldn’t wait until she was completely done to take pictures! Our hair textures are not the same (thanks Dad…Grrr) so her locks have to be smaller than mine. My Mom says I have “stronger” hair…lol…euphemism for nappy I suppose. 🙂

Mother-daughter shots!

Damn my hair has filled in! But it wasn’t ever really sparse to begin with…once again I blame that on my father… She already has her eye on my hair ties! Come on now! I know you are the giver of life and whatnot but you don’t even have a full head of Sisterlocks yet! Jeez…


6 thoughts on “Mommy is halfway done!

  1. Maryee says:

    Heyyy!!!!!!!! Ya’ll are gonna have fun on your journey together. I love her hair so far!!Maryee

  2. Chi-chi says:

    Your blog is hilarious. I’m going to enjoy watching your journey. Mom’s lookin’ good. Hopefully her consultant has a nice chair–that helps.Chi(:

  3. Goodnapps says:

    Wow. That was fast. You whipped on some serious inspiration. Only half done and her locks are gorgeous. My mother and I have the opposite textures too. I got to be the hair outcast on her entire side of the family!

  4. Tra says:

    LOL @ Tanya (hair outcast). I have a cousin that feels very similar to that. She is still wearing a pern though I think she would be magnificent in SL’s. I may start trying to recruit her when I see her in Dec. Michelle you mom’s hair already looks amazing Khmura is awesome!

  5. Cluizel says:

    Maryee – I am so excited for her. And it makes me happy that if/when I ever have daughters the women in their life will be all natural. It’s kind of nice. :)Chi-Chi – Thanks! Your hair is great. Khumura has a great chair actually…Mom says the time passed by so quickly she didn’t even notice how late it was.Tanya – Mom didn’t need much of a push at all. She just used me as the test dummy and once she saw my test locks and Sandy’s website she was ready. Lol…it’s funny how I have the “stronger” texture and now she is following what I do…HA! Nappy 1, Straight 0.Tra – YEAH! We need more families! Hopefully you can convert her.I have to pass all the comments along to my Mom. I’ll have to post pictures of the final product today


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