My first collage!

Much easier than I thought… 🙂

Ok…so here I am with my first attempt at soft spikes. Well it was really a half assed attempt in all honesty…I did it on my dry hair and I used less than 30 AND it took less than 25 minutes…but the results are still good. My Mom thinks my hair should look like this everyday…but yeah…I’m too lazy for all that. And I have a Brunsli hair tie! The name of it escapes me…I have too many to keep track now. 🙂

OH! And my new homey Hamilton! He is posing for the camera. I bought him yesterday after I got back from Philadelphia. He got his name because I was listening to Anthony Hamilton in the car before and after I bought him…so yeah…there you go!

I tried to do a picture pile but it didn’t work (Grrrr…) So this is the next best thing. Since I think curly styles (with the combo of my chubby cheeks) make me look like a kid I thought I would include a trip down memory lane…oh growing up is so much fun (Ugh)Posted by Picasa


8 thoughts on “My first collage!

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Too cute too cute. Too darn cute!

  2. brunsli says:

    You’re great at Softspikes! And your Tracy headband looks great!

  3. Cluizel says:

    Awww…thanks you guys! 🙂

  4. KDL says:

    Your hair looks great! Don’t you just love the hairties? In your case, they just complement what is already a great looking head of locks. My hair, well…somedays they take the attention off of my not so great looking locks. Keep styling!

  5. hair is tooooo cute michelle!!you have NOT changed!!!!!

  6. Maryee says:

    I’m diggin’ that headband! Nice!! Your hair is cute.

  7. Cluizel says:

    KLwright – Thanks for the compliment…but what are you talking about? I love your hair! Stacie – Gracias mi amiga! MY face hasn’t changed at all…people from elementary school, who haven’t seen me since then can recognize my face…damn shame. lol.Maryee – Thanks! I can’t wait until my hair gets as long as yours (without relaxed ends) so I can wear my hair ties like you

  8. Tra says:

    very cute! i love both collages.

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