Crap…what have I done now?!?

Ok…I can barely keep up with one blog so my random rants blog had to go. I haven’t updated it in a month so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. 🙂 And an entire blog just about my hair feels REALLY narcissistic…unless I only update it monthly…which I am not! 🙂

So…apparently I have to fit into a bikini by August 2007. How in the world that is going to happen is beyond me…but I agreed to it. When I was driving back from Indiana with my friend Sara we were both whining about how we need to lose some weight…while we feasted on M&M’s and soda. So Sara had this “great” idea that we are going to go to California in a year and we are going to wear bikinis. (Yeah…ok) So apparently I have less than 11 months to be California bikini ready?!? What was I on when I agreed to this?!?

So how does this tie into my Sisterlocks Journey? Well…by August I should be able to get into a pool again (THANK GOODNESS!) and my relaxed ends will be gone. Oh how my heart hurt when I realized my daily swims I have enjoyed since saying “buh bye!” to relaxers would have to stop until my locks were settled. And…I can workout as much as I want! Now I know I could have done this before…but not really. Let me elaborate…

When I had a relaxer there were many things I just couldn’t do. Walking in rain and swimming are the main ones everyone brings up…but what about working out? I could be on a regular workout plan and as soon as touch-up time rolled around you could NOT get me to even walk past the gym! What? If I am gonna get scalp burns and spend hours in a salon my hair is gonna look like something for at LEAST a few days. Now, even though my relaxed ends fall after a workout…my hair still looks like something after a workout!

So the plan now is to wake up around 5:20ish…grab my pre-packed bag, freshen up, throw on gym clothes, and WALK to the train. There is a NYSC two blocks from work so I will go there work out for an hour, shower, and be sitting at my desk by 8:45. So…I can tackle my workout in the morning, put in my time at the office, head home and study/sleep/wander.

So who knows…maybe I’ll get all fit and healthy and use my height for something? Perhaps I can learn and master the game of basketball and break into the WNBA or become the first plus size supermodel (Since plus size seems to be anything higher than a size 10)! A 6’1 accountant? What sense does that make?!?


5 thoughts on “Crap…what have I done now?!?

  1. Goodnapps says:

    A year??? You’ve got plenty of time and then some.

  2. brunsli says:

    Which part of California? SD, I hope — the Pacific is *chilly* up here in the Bay Area and even in LA.And just what is wrong with a little narcissism now and then? Daily??

  3. Cluizel says:

    Tanya – but I’m lazy. lol. Brunsli – As of right now I believe it is SD. We agreed the bay area would be too cold and LA is just too…well…too LA. 🙂

  4. girl, i don’t believe in narcissism or conceit…LOLu can do it!!

  5. Cluizel says:

    Yeah ok Stacey! lol.After a year at Hampton I think it just happens. lol. CC and I always catch each other looking at ourselves. Any time we used to pass a reflective surface we were always all up in it. lol. (Can I sue HU for that?)

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