Brunsli is the best!

Gotta love that Hampton University education going to work…(yes I know about the ban…what can I say) …PARTIAL PONYTAILS!!!

I just have to work a little harder for it to work on my relaxed ends and I have to use the smaller ones…but it does work! Now if only I would use the soft spikes I got in the mail 2 weeks ago I might be on to something!…oh how lazy I am.

They look gorgeous online but the pictures really don’t do them justice! These are fabulous! I was so pleasantly surprised at how nice they really are! I can’t wait for the rest of them!

Thanks Brunsli!

Now I am really going to bed…


3 thoughts on “Brunsli is the best!

  1. brunsli says:

    Michelle,I’m so happy you like it! It looks better on you that it did on me. The danglies got tangled in my hair.Your partial ponytail is very cute! I hadn’t thought of that.Brunsli

  2. Cluizel says:

    Ohmigoodness…but why did I just buy another one!?! I have a problem…:)

  3. still waters says:

    MichelleI got the hairtie bug bad too. You are not alone (:one love still

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