I Love NY!

So yeah…I haven’t unpacked yet so I can’t take any pictures yet…but a lot has happened since the last pictures…well for one six weeks have passed. J I will definitely take some pictures probably tomorrow since it will be my 2 month anniversary! Yeah me. Thanks to my very kinky texture (I have broken MANY a comb back in the day) there is already a VERY distinct difference between my relaxed ends and my locs. I have been making everyone look at my hair since I don’t have any strands long enough to look at myself (I am such a damn dork) and they all say that my hair is starting to loc. I am still not sure what slippage or bunching looks like but I guess I don’t have any. Lol.

Now that I am in NY (YEAH!!!) I have to find a new consultant (Grrr). Paulette tried to hook me up with a consultant in NY but she moved (ghetto moment: shout out to my consultant in MI Paulette for starting my beautiful sisterlocks and looking out for me in NY…ok…I am done) so I have an appointment with Leighann’s consultant. I don’t know if I have enough new growth for my appointment next week…I probably do…but I still want someone to look at my hair.

So I will post pictures tomorrow…well Saturday. I am actually going out! No more falling asleep on the couch for me! (I love NYC)


One thought on “I Love NY!

  1. Michelle is on her New York shit!

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