Spring Cleaning…READ FIRST

DISCLAIMER: I am a young single black woman with no kids living in Indiana alone. I have a lot of time on my hands.

So…I am finally cleaning my apartment (yeah me!)…so I made it to the bathroom and I opened up my hair care drawer. I almost forgot it was there since I haven’t touched it in months…before Sisterlocks I only used anything out of it when I took my kinky twists down. Here now is my montage of how my hair drawer experience went.

So I open the draw and pull out my basket of combs and brushes…under a flat iron I find a track of hair from my weave days…
Ok…I hate to throw stuff away…but what the hell can I do with this?No…that just doesn’t feel right…A scarf!?! Perfect!…Oh…but something else in the hair drawer catches my eye…A ponytail?!? Now what in the world…this can’t be used as a scarf…dammit…think Michelle think!!!
…oh hell to the no!

To be continued…(now you may scroll up!) 🙂


One thought on “Spring Cleaning…READ FIRST

  1. you.are.an.ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am DYING in Coleman Library!!! I can’t believe you! You do have too much time on your hands and they should have never gave you nigga, a digital camera! *said in best dave chapelle does rick james voice*

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