Curl my hair? What for?

So yeah…when I posted those pictures sunday or my air dry and I said I was gonna curl my hair…yeah I never did. lol. I think I am a perfect Sisterlocks candidiate because I have absolutely no issues with using too many products or overstyling. lol. It has been 3 weeks and I have no urge to put anything on my hair besides the Sisterlocks shampoo…no grease, no conditioner, no extra water sweet smelling concotions…I wash my hair…seperate the locks…and that’s all. I just run my fingers through my hair constantly and that is all. Wow…the wash and wear hair I have always wanted!!!

When I had relaxers and braids or whatever else I always got scolded for not greasing my scalp or moisturising my hair enough…so this is great. I am applauded for my hair lazyness!!! I love Sisterlocks! lol.

I have my first retightening session July 29th…I am so gonna be one of those people who gets tightenings very frequently the first year…I guess I am just paranoid that something bad will happen so I want someone else to look at it. And I live alone…and most of my friends my age are white that are in Indiana and I don’t feel like asking them to see if I have any slippage (Ha…that’s funny)

Ok…off hair topic but not really. I have 3 tattoos…and one of them I just got early in May.

This one is really cute and tiny…its about the size of a dime on my right shoulder…its a Sesa Woruban…and adinkra symbols that means “change or life transformation” I was waiting until I got my CPA and lost some weight to get the tattoo…but one bored Friday afternoon I decided to go alone and go get it…and although I was scolded by my friends about getting my “life transformation” tattoo before I “transformed”…my life has been changing a lot ever since I got it. For one…I am locking my hair! First I got a bad kinky twist job (how I don’t know) and then fell in love with my natural hair texture after I got the tattoo…then I discovered Sisterlocks in late May…I didn’t even need months and years to mull it over…I just knew I wanted them. It just so happens I was at the point where it was possible…Now I am contemplating moving back to New York and making an industry change…I have more interviews next week with companies in NYC…so hopefully everything will fall into place there…still taking the CPA exam…and that whole weight loss thing. Ugh…I am at my highest weight ever in life…hopefully one day I will just stop being an ass and stay committed to stop hurting myself by not being healthy.

So…3 weeks…everyone loves my hair…more impotantly I love my hair.


4 thoughts on “Curl my hair? What for?

  1. jameil1922 says:

    i’m so glad you love your hair!! that’s beautiful. i’m tryna get some hair laziness in my life!! (silly girl!!) lmao!

  2. jameil1922 says:

    oh yeah… and we can’t see that tatt. it looks like a birthmark…

  3. Cluizel says:

    Lol…in retrospect I wish it was a little bigger…but I am sure when I wear evening gowns (ha!) I won’t mind that no one knows what it is.

  4. not trying to be nasty but I thought it was a mole/mold…then I looked closer and now its like, “Awwww!” Get it addicted! Let’s get one at Homecoming! We should get a pirate saying “arrrrrgh!” or “Ahoy Mates!”

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