Interview update

Well…the interviews are over. Oh my goodness…I have the most painful “thing” on my foot from being in heels for so many hours for 2 days…flat shoes please!!! Anyway…I think my Sisterlocks are too young or else my company just doesn’t care because no one even blinked an eye at my hair. I was actually one of the lucky ones in my program because everyone needs an accountant and…ta da…I’m the only one in the program.

Actually I interviewed for a position with a sista! Which just boggles my mind since I rarely ever see young black women in management positions in Fort Wayne. I was just so happy to see a black female AVP of Finance with natural hair…once I saw her I felt fine. She had a really short hairdo and was sporting twists at the time…

So the event was pretty uneventful…my feet are just messed up but for the most part it was good. The east coast seems to be going thru a HUGE shift to natural hair…so in the midwest where my Sisterlocks may have been a problem…no one seems to care in Philly. Even if they did…no one was bold enough to say anything…or they were smart enough not to say anything.

I am just so happy it is over!!!


3 thoughts on “Interview update

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Hey Michelle. Sorry to hear about the trauma of your feet but glad you made it through the interviews with no bad stories to tell. Good luck and Do keep us posted.

  2. In Philly, you rub elbows with the likes of Jill, Jazzys, and whoever else has been rocking the natural oh so finely! Yea Philly!! Yea Michy! Ummmm, holla at Steve Madden, he has cute flats =)

  3. jameil1922 says:

    they’re little and they don’t really look like locks. but even still, they can’t say anything negative to you abt them. so you’re definitely going to philly?

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