Sisterlocks…Day 4…the curls have left the building!

So I am heading to Philly today for my grueling interview event. I have a cocktail party tonight (gag) and my 8 interviews tomorrow. Luckily my relaxed ends are coming in handy so I can wear my hair in an updo tonight…if I feel like it. My curls haven’t completely disappeared…I will work with them when I get to the hotel…I am so still in love with my hair. Yesterday morning I took off my scarf and ran my fingers through my hair and it did this super cut flip curl thing. Since my hair was cut into layers…I guess they are still there…I got this cute layered flip look…my coworkers are falling in love with my hair too.

OH! And I got a compliment from a white guy. I hate to just refer to him as a white guy because we are becoming close friends but…he was one of the few non-blacks that I explained the entire procedure too. So Tuesday when I got back to work I told him it ended up taking 16 hours and how my back was throbbing and yadda yadda yadda….he was just shocked at the 16 hours. So we always eat lunch together and when he saw me he started smiling and he said “wow, your hair is beautiful…it was worth the 16 hours”….aww thank you white coworker/friend. lol. As if he wasn’t already my friend then he just gained extra friendship points. So adorable. lol.

So I will let everyone know how the cocktail party and interviews go! Here are some pics from Day 4…

I need curls! My head is entirely too big for flat hair. lol. As much as I want to be all natural…it is gonna be a hard transition when the relaxed ends come off and I lose like 4 inches…ugh…but hopefully my Sisterlocks will be thicker by then so I won’t have to crawl into a hole and die. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sisterlocks…Day 4…the curls have left the building!

  1. Do you have to wet your hair each time to curl it?

  2. Goodnapps says:

    I’m sure your hair will get plenty thick and you will not be crawling into anybody’s holes.

  3. Toy says:

    you can keep your curls longer if you pull the hair up in a ponytail or hold your head down and tie the scarf on your head. That way when you sleep you will flatten the curls that will not show. Does this make sense? It reads weird, but I do it all the time so it makes perfet sense to me and keep my curls for 2 weeks. Tight the first and then they drop during the second week.

  4. Cluizel says:

    Stacie – Nope…actually the curls seem to set faster than with my “old” hair. For my interviews I just rolled my hair on a few rollers as is for an hour and my curls were back.Tanya- thanks! Toy – I will have to try that…thanks

  5. jameil1922 says:

    omg! don’t you love it when someone says your hair is beautiful in awe???? that’s fabulous! 🙂

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