Journey to start my journey!

So I just booked my hotel room for the night of when I get my Sisterlocks done…and I just took the following day off from work. lol. My sisterlocks consultant is Paulette and she is in Michigan…and I really like her. Her website was really informative and I loved her blogs so I knew she was the consultant I wanted…one problem…she is 3 hours away! Damn me for living in this midwestern hell hole. 🙂 Another case when the move to Fort Wayne, IN for work just not good for my “blackness” lol.

So…I am usually a very indecisive person but when I found Sisterlocks I knew this is what I wanted. Like instantly. So naturally I wanted to get started as soon as possible. I contacted Paulette and she said she could meet with me Wednesday for my consultation (5/24) in the evening. Now either I was just not thinking when I made the appoinment or I just think I am invincible because I am 23 but I happily accepted in appointment…Now…on Tuesday I took the final section of the CPA exam so I was mentally blah and slightly sleep deprived…then I had an all day conference on Financial Accounting and Reporting for Life Insurance companies (I know you’re jealous)…so I left the conference early (Whoo hoo) and embarked on my 3 hour drive to meet with Paulette…the drive up was cool…but around hour 2 of the drive down…WHOA BUDDY…lol…going 60 mph felt like warp speed! And anyone who knows how I drive (I’m a New Yorker) that’s unheard of for me…

So…I had a very interesting first story with my Sisterlocks consultation. lol. I know we should interview and check out a few consultants but I am NOT doing that again!!! NO! I will just have to trust Paulette.

So now that I realize that I am NOT superwoman I decided that waking up at 4ish and driving 3 hours to my 8:30 appointment…sitting for upwards of 12 hours and then driving back the same night…and THEN going to work the next day was not gonna happen.

So yeah…because I live in Indiana I have to have a huge journey to start my journey. lol.


5 thoughts on “Journey to start my journey!

  1. jameil1922 says:

    which will make it all the more special. this is a great blog. i think it could help a lot of people. you’re making me want to do my own hair story. not hair blog, just hair story… again. lol

  2. Cluizel says:

    Gracias girl!Oh…you could do a hair story…you write really well people would actually read it. lol

  3. Tra says:

    You are too cute and funny. I look forward to seeing your new SL’s and reading your blogs!

  4. Goodnapps says:

    Hey Michelle – welcome to blogging and your decision to SL. Paulette is an excellent consultant and I know you will be thrilled with your sisterlocks. Looking forward to your updates.

  5. Yea Michy-Poo!!! I’m just as excited about your literal and aesthetic journey as you are!! Homecoming 2006!!! Woo, woo!!

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