Brainwashed…part II

You know…I was thinking about the commonalities between my friends with natural hair and we all hated relaxers. I know that I personally got a chemical burn EVERY time I got a relaxer. No no…not just once but EVERY time I relaxer my hair…and with all of those burns my hair was never straight. I always just assumed that was something I had to put up with…and then I met a bunch of black women at my company who lost their hair due to a bad relaxer…WOW…like you mean your hair is never growing back there ever?!? Now that really scared me because since I have the scalp and softness of my Nana’s hair(who has naturally straight long hair) and the hair of my Daddy which resembles Brillo (not a bad thing) I am not a good relaxer candidate. Who knows which relaxer would have been the one to kill the roots of my hair and leave me with bald spots. Now I am not the most vain person…well when it comes to my hair…but that is not a good look…not for anyone!

So after that I realized this relaxing mess has got to stop. And my friends who are natural have come to the same conclusion. My friend Jessica had the exact same problem…she just was smarter than me and stopped relaxing in high school.

But my friends who have no problem relaxing their hair probably would never think to go natural because it doesn’t bother them. It seems in our culture relaxing is the “natural” thing to do and going natural is some huge big process. And I blame the media…I don’t think people who relax their hair say “I hate myself let me assimililate” because that’s not what i was thinking…its just that unless you do some reserach or live in a big city with natural hair shops it really seems like the only viable option. (and all the images we see in the media DO NOT help at all) Traditional hair dressers will not educate you because if all black women just went natural there would be a lot of hair dresser out of jobs…

i forgot the point…but you get it…


3 thoughts on “Brainwashed…part II

  1. jameil1922 says:

    you don’t think bald is a good look? hmmm… why not? LMAO!! that was hilarious. the thing that gets me is that we have no idea what our natural curl pattern is. i was (and continue to be) shocked by mine. 3 years later and i still can’t stop touching it. DAMN! i haven’t had a perm in 3 years! that’s crazy!

  2. I so love how you guys don’t judge us with the relaxers! That is awesome! I tried being natural. Not for me. Mommy thru a perm on this head before kindergarten for a reason. Like you said, for some people, its the “natural” way to go! So Homecoming 2006…we’ll see some locs?

  3. Cluizel says:

    I guess they won’t be formed yet but technically they’ll be in. :)Wow…yeah, for some reason your hair loves relaxers and it lives to hold a curl…mine is SOOO not like that. lol

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