Brainwashed…NO MORE!

I hate to sound like their is some huge conspiracy theory but…why do black women account for such huge revenues in the hair care industry (I believe 2/3) and we are such a small segemnt of the population? It is so sad that we have been made to believe that our natural hair texture is “bad hair” or “not manageable” when in all actuality nothing is wrong with it. I am a firm believer in the fact that God doesn’t make mistakes and that everything happens for a reason…so why do we manipulate our hair so much? If we were meant to have long silky hair down our backs we would have it. But we don’t…and I don’t believe that is a problem.

I have to give props to Carol’s Daughter products because they played a HUGE part in my enlightenment about my hair. When I was taking down my kinky twists and preparing them for the next round…I washed my hair with Carol’s Daughter Shampoo and applied a leave in conditioner. Oh my goodness!!! My natural hair is gorgeous! It’s so soft…it’s manageable…why have I been hiding it for so long?!? And ever since then I have been obsessed with my natural hair texture and I decided I was never ever relaxing it again. (

Now that I am in Corporate America I have finally learned that white people…as much as we think they care…for the most part don’t give a shit about our hair. When I wear my hair in natural styles is when I get the MOST compliments in the office. We are different and we should celebrate our differences rather than try to assimilate when it isn’t even necessary. When I told one of my close white girlfriends all of the drama I go through with my hair (the financial cost, scalp burns, extra styling) she was SO shocked and she asked me “Why do you do that? What’s wrong with your natural hair?”…and I was embarassed because I didn’t have a real answer for her…no more.

Although I am still relatively young (23) I have decided that if a manager or someone I work with will judge me based solely on my hair I wouldn’t want to work for them anyway! If my personality, degree, certifications, work experience and interview skills are ignored due to my SL’s…that’s really their problem and a blessing in disguise for me. If they will look past all of that and judge me only on my hair…what other superficial thing could they find down the road to nag me about?!? I know its easy to say but not so easy in practice…but it is true.

So…yeah…I am no longer brainwashed. I will cherish the hair that God gave me and make it work for me. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal choice and my personal opinion. I am not going to be one of those natural peopel that starts talking shit about people with relaxers…everyone has their choice and everyone can do what they want as long as it doesn’t bother me (can you tell I am liberal?)


7 thoughts on “Brainwashed…NO MORE!

  1. jameil1922 says:

    girl my fam tried to convince me to wear a wig to my interviews or else i wouldn’t get a job. i felt the same way as you. you don’t want me to give me a job b/c of my hair? your loss. so yeah, i wore my natural hair and got my job. white people don’t care.

  2. Michelle, I’m so happy for you and I will certainly keep an eye on your journey. Welcome to the SL family!

  3. Wow. You brought me back to the Kennedy Days when Eboni and Dawna would battle over hair. E really thought she was better cause she was natural! Dawna said, “Really?? Even though you straighten it everyday to look like me…”

  4. Cluizel says:

    Yeah that was ridiculous! I hate it when people make a personal decision and then pick apart everyone else ele who doesn’t line up. I remember that…I mean…some of us wear it natural because xyz and some of us relax our hair because of abc. There is no right or wrong way…I just don’t like “the man” (lol) profiting so much off of our hair mess…I personally don’t like hairdressers or rude ass people selling me hair…

  5. jameil1922 says:

    ugh. you mean like stacey, brandi and cc’s fave shalizar? i can’t stand that evil ghetto bitch.

  6. Cluizel says:

    Shalizar was a little ghetto and mean…but she was the only one that didn’t hurt me too much. lol. She was my buddy for 4 years. She was the only hairdresser that had something to put on my scalp to keep my hair from clogging and scabbing…she just always cut EVERYONES hair the exact same…I always left looking just like her. lol

  7. jameil1922 says:

    that’s odd. i felt like she was the only one who couldn’t really do my hair the way i liked it. probably b/c my hair wasn’t long or thick enough. and i’ve always hated big hair. ask my childhood hair dresser. that’s what cracks her up that i still can’t stand big hair (on my head anyway).

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