June 25 2006…Journey with SL’s will begin

Those three little SL’s are the beginning of my journey! After many years of damage, scalp burns from relaxers and hours of putting braids in only to take them down I have decided I have had enough! I have tried everything from relaxers, press & curls, all different types of braids and weaves…and I am tired. lol. I have never been one to actually care too much about my hair so even when I spent all my time in the shop I usually end up just wearing it pulled backed which of course…ta da…breaks it off. I have always wanted long hair and clearly the relaxer route is not the way to go.

So in October after my last relaxer that left me with burns on my scalp and my new growth looking the exact same I decided enough was enough! I decided I would go back to kinky twists and wear those extensions until my hair was long enough for traditional locs…but then I found Sisterlocks! I am so excited to start my journey with Sl’s. I exhausted all sisterlocks blogs and found a consultant in my area…and my journey will begin next month!

I would just like to say thank you to all of the women who have blogged about their experience on Blogger…I have read EVERYONE’S blogs and they really helped me make my decisions…so thank you all!

Hopefully you will enjoy my journey!


6 thoughts on “June 25 2006…Journey with SL’s will begin

  1. jameil1922 says:

    ummm… i don’t know if i was one of them… but if i was.. you’re welcome?

  2. Cluizel says:

    Lol. You and Morgan being natural has always helped. Now the crew can be split down the middle between the natural hair and the relaxers! 🙂 Damn we are so fly!

  3. Ms Wilder! Nice post! I’m excited to read abt your journey!

  4. Chocolata says:

    Congratulations on your decision to loc & welcome home!

  5. jameil1922 says:

    hahahaha. you’re hilarious.

  6. Leighann says:

    Congrats!!! Good luck! And I’m looking forward to seeing more pics!

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